Coke Zero: Impossible Made Possible

Thu, Jun 11, 2009
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coke zero impossible made possible digital online campaign website
Coke Zero and North Kingdom have launched their latest campaign site called “Impossible Made Possible” where another very slick website greets you with a mix of full video and interactive 3D environments. The campaign follows the previous coke zero game theme, which has to be one of the best branded content campaigns seen yet.

This time, you’re greeted by the same lovely ladies, but your mission is to make the impossible possible! You’ll be able to interact with your last mission in full video where you clean an entire apartment, shower your lady and escape the building just before your parents knock down the door! Then you can jump into the simulator that houses a bunch of challenges and training modules assist you in real life, and finally, you’ll get access to a range of downloads. Check out the site here.

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