Coca Cola: Summer Blast Game

Sat, Dec 19, 2009
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Coca Cola Australia has launched the new “Coke Summer Blast Game” that ties in with the wider summer campaign featuring people enjoying summer on islands and water based activities. Created by Ogilvy Sydney & Boffswna it takes on the style of dynamics engine that made games like Microsoft’s Paper Plane Game world famous amongst many other similar engines.

The game shoots you out of a coke bottle, which you then aim to stay in the air as long as possible by bouncing off objects and looking for up-drafts of air. You can also collect bottle caps for bonus points. Ultimately it’s a leader board based game to win iTunes Vouchers. Unfortunately
the game feels pretty slow and clunky to me, even on a gaming machine. It lacks the level of competitive engagement I was hoping for due in part to the fact you need to create an account before you can post a score to the leaderboard or even view it to see the kinda score you need to make it to the top.

This is a classic issue arising in game and experience development. Clients want to capture data, agencies want to foster engagement and sharing, both have valid strategies, but I think there is always a better solution to making people login to a game unless it requires you to take part multiple times over multiple sessions to compile an ongoing score for a decently big price.

The actual gaming experience needs to make you want to create an account to continue playing. Maybe if it used facebook connect, I’d have seen how I placed and gone around a few more times to try and win a $30 iTunes card. I’m pretty sure there will be a massive drop off at this point in the process that could have been avoided in a perfect world!

Either way, it’s a pretty cool concept and worth a crack at the prize, so click here to check out the new coke game. Note to agencies – make sure you do some basic SEO on your digital campaign sites so they at least rank for the name of the game!

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