Coca-Cola: The Facebook Places Recycling King

Mon, Jun 20, 2011
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Here is a slightly different, yet innovative green initiative from Coca-Cola in Israel, who were aiming to promote increased recycling of their bottles across the entire country.

In no small feat, they added over 10,000 new “recycling bins” to the Facebook Places index, and with that, created The Recycling King Challenge, where Coca-Cola fans were challenged to check-in at any recycling bin and then encouraged to take a photo of themselves in the act, to help promote recycling bottles in a slightly more social way.

With thousands of people joining in, the most active user was crowned “The Recycling King” by Coca-Cola Israel. I’m not sure what the prize incentive was, but the campaign was reported as a huge success. Created by the guys at Publicis-E-dologic in Israel. (thanks Eyal)

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