Cinemax “Strike Back” Interactive SuperWall

Mon, Aug 15, 2011
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SuperWall I hear you say? Yep, well that’s what they are becoming known as in some parts anyway, that aside, you’ll want to see this very cool interactive superwall in New York City, on 34th street.

It’s for Cinemax’s new show called “Strike Back” and will run for the entire month of August. The SuperWall is essentially a massive interactive digital billboard spanning 18x 46 inch touch screen LCD’s that deliver a multi-faceted experience to passers by, though playing HD video across all screens, or just a few of the screens if they aren’t being used.

The SuperWall also incorporates various motion sensors to help drive user interaction on the wall, allowing them to explore a range of great interactive content across one screen, or multiple. Via.

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