Chromaroma: Gamifying London Transport

Tue, Apr 19, 2011
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To kick it off… Think of Chromaroma as an automated version Foursquare for public transport in London! Weird right? Well, maybe not… Public transport is one of those things you use every day with out thinking and its often the most boring part of your day, so what if you could be part of an alternate reality game, every day on your way to and from work? Interesting…

Well, Chromaroma has created just that and is currently gamifying the entire London transport system via the Oyster Card (London’s public transport smart card) and I’m thinking they might just be a huge success if they can monetize brands and integrate prizes as part of the game…

The idea is that the Chromaroma app tracks a range of statistics on the number of swipes, achievements, missions, collections, places, identities, modes of transport, and even passengers passed as you travel around the city, capturing stations to set records and gain an overall rank.

Does this thing have the potential to take off? (via Martina on Adverblog)

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