Chile Football: Light Him A Candle Case Study

Tue, May 11, 2010
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This is a great case study for a football campaign in Chile. The idea was to campaign for Marcelo Bielsa to become Chile’s first football saint by asking fans to light 100,000 individual candles on a microsite and to help grant 3 miracles to Chile.

The objective was to unite the country behind the team after 12 years of missing the world cup, and after just a few tweet sand facebook posts to get the ball rolling, they had over 40,000 candles lit and 80,000 website visits in the first 3 days alone. With in the first week they had over 70,000 candles lit, 1.2 million page views and tonnes of free earned media to help boost the campaign. The campaign was created by Grey Chile. (thanks Juan)

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