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Procter & Gamble Webisodes: A Parent Is Born

26. August 2009


Procter & Gamble’s Pampers brand is running an interesting 12 part series of webisodes called “a parent is born” which is supported by a pretty big digital campaign at the moment. It’s great to see brands like this creating digital spaces and engaging campaigns for what used to be the forgotten market with parents online… [...]

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YouTube: Sponsored Ghostbusters Movie

18. August 2009


YouTube might just have shown a glimpse of how the future of the movie industry and online video portals will co-exist. With YouTube and Sony working directly to offer a full length version of the Ghostbusters movie. I’d suspect there will be a whole lot more of this over the next 12 months as YouTube [...]

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Debacle: Nike’s Full HD Webisode

26. July 2009


Seems everyone is in a skateboarding mood at the moment and while I’m about to hit the slopes snowboarding this weekend at Perisher in Australia, I use to be a skateboarder back in the day, so this is very cool to watch! This is the trailer for the 23minute Full HD skateboarding webisode from Nike. [...]

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Us Now Film: The Power of Mass Collaboration

2. July 2009


This is something a little interesting for friday! The Us Now Documentary is Directed by Ivo Gormley, and explores how web2.0 is changing the ways we interact with the world and how the emerging power of mass collaboration will drive the future. A little techy, but interesting enough at first glance!! You can actually watch the [...]

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Start Thinking Soldier Campaign

8. April 2009

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The new Start Thinking Soldier Campaign by the British Army & Publicis London provides a virtual experience to let people attempt war time decision making in real time. The website provides a full video experience where you are involved in special missions, then at critical stages the commander turns to you and asks “What would you do?”. Thinking on [...]

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Social Networking Wars Viral Video

29. March 2009

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I’m sure a lot of you have seen this from Current, but I love their work (like this one) so much I thought I’d better post it up anyway to make sure EVERYONE gets to enjoy it! This is the Social Networking Wars video from Current/Supernews – a TV station that allows you to influence [...]

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Carnival Hammer iPhone App

9. March 2009

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I think it’s about time I added an iPhone App category to Digital Buzz, and to kick it off with a celebration here is the “Carnival Hammer iPhone App” possibly a future cult iPhone app in the making, well, just until a few too many people smash their iPhones anyway! Trading off the popularity of the Wii’s [...]

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