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Chatroulette: The Last Exorcism Campaign

19. August 2010


I didn’t realise anyone was still using Chatroulette since the hype died off, let alone running campaigns through it, but for what it’s worth, this is a pretty cool (but predictable) campaign for “The Last Exorcism” horror movie. It features a girl interacting with people through the web cam, giggling as she looks to unzip her top for the guys on the [...]

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Lynx: The Wingman Academy Webisodes

18. August 2010


Lynx recently launched a new series of webisodes on Facebook called The Wingman Academy, a new training facility designed to get rid of dating irritations as they put it, in typical lynx style! The webisodes train you on how to become a better wingman by avoiding all the typical advances, irritations, chic chats (as they [...]

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The Twitter & YouTube Movie Trailers

16. August 2010


A month or two ago, Sony Pictures released a trailer for the Social Network movie, to which many people were unsure if it was true or not, unfortunately it is, and on the back of that we’ve seen a few great parody’s in the YouTube Movie Trailer and the Twitter Movie Trailer start to appear and gain some traction [...]

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Precious: The Bike With A Brain

11. August 2010

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Meet Precious, the bike with a brain that’s riding across America to raise funds for Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG charity. So what do I mean by bike with a brain? Well, it’s a bike with all sorts of sensors attached to some pretty cool code and a few silicon chips to bring the bike to life. [...]

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The Expendables YouTube Takeover

9. August 2010


This is the latest campaign element for the launch of The Expendables movie, a YouTube takeover that features as an interrupted interview with Sylvester Stallone. While I love YouTube takeovers, I felt a little let down by this one (I’ve got high standards!), but only because they played it a little safe, for such an action packed movie, [...]

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Video: Killa Appz

5. August 2010


What a way to get your portfolio noticed! Props to Dave Berzack on his video “Killa Appz”, a hilarious rap about his passion for web dev! So the video as of now is sitting at almost 1400 views, and I’m wondering how far it will run over the next week as the industry picks it up. If [...]

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Hell Pizza: YouTube Adventure Pizza Film?!

4. August 2010


Right. So a pizza company creates a crazy YouTube choose your own adventure film as a lead gen tool and sales driver? I love it. Hell Pizza, a little New Zealand Pizza startup that has rapidly grown to about 100 stores (in multiple countries) have just launched a very cool campaign with YouTube’s Annotations feature allowing them to [...]

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Bacardi True Originals Facebook Fail?

2. August 2010


Maybe it’s because I’ve had a seriously long day, but this ongoing webisode series on Facebook from Bacardi called True Originals has just completely disappointed me, in fact using these videos as a Facebook campaign is a clear and epic fail on a number of levels. But first, let’s look at these amazing short films where a mysterious character seems [...]

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Diesel Facepark: The Analog Version of Facebook

27. July 2010


Diesel’s “Be Stupid” campaign platform continues to drive ridiculously innovative work. This time they’ve said that Digital is smart. Analog is stupid. And with that, Diesel has created a social event called Facepark, a live event where thousands turned up to create an analog version of Facebook, simulating pretty much everything you can do on Facebook in a physical [...]

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YouTube’s Show & Tell Site For Marketers

22. July 2010


I’ve just been sent a link to what I believe is an almost undiscovered land within YouTube, well, by undiscovered I mean I’ve never seen it (have you guys??) and for an official YouTube run channel, it’s clearly almost non existent with only 60,000 views since going live back in December 2009. This is home to the the [...]

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