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Kraft: Golden Voice of Love Campaign

13. February 2012


Remember Ted Williams? He was the homeless man with the million-dollar radio voice who went from panhandler to viral sensation to Kraft-sponsored stardom (practically overnight). Well, he’s back.

After a short hiatus from the limelight, he is now starring in a Valentine’s-centered social media campaign for Kraft Mac & Cheese.  The gist: Tweet a message for your Valentine using the hashtag #voiceoflove, and Ted will voice over the best ones. Kraft plans to donate 100 boxes of Mac & Cheese (up to 100,000 boxes) for every #voiceoflove tweet they receive. Proceeds go to Feeding America – a leading hunger-relief charity in the US.

We have seen this kind of social media campaign formula before, but look for this one to generate some noise. Especially given the comeback factor of Ted Williams and the charitable nature of it.

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Flip Video: Facebook Profile Video

16. February 2011


Here’s a cool Facebook campaign from Flip Video Singapore. They’ve just launched this Flip Your Profile app on Facebook which allows users to upload a profile video. With this app Flip Video have fused an engaging video platform into the world’s largest social network site. This app has huge amounts of potential and has been well designed in terms of ease of use and accessibility, the whole process of updating to a profile video is complete within two easy steps. I can see this as having great reach within Facebook as users embrace this new way to express themselves. Flip Video are even running a beta program for Facebook pages which will let page owners update to a profile video, this offers some exciting opportunities for brands within Facebook.
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Barbie & Ken Get Social

13. February 2011


With the arrival of Valentine’s Day it seemed appropriate to mention the digital campaign that Mattel have recently launched. I’m imaging that the majority of you won’t be Barbie and Ken fans however it’s hard to ignore the clever use of social channels in this fun and well integrated campaign.

The world’s largest toy company have turned to social media to release the new “Sweet Talkin’ Ken” doll and celebrate Ken’s 50th anniversary. The campaign is based around a drive to reunite Barbie and Ken and is centered around a website which allows people to vote on whether Barbie should take Ken back.


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Konkreet Performer for the iPad

10. February 2011

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This is a pretty cool iPad app! Konkreet Labs, in Berlin, just announced the release of their iPad app Konkreet Performer. It’s described as a music control and performance instrument that connects the musicians actions directly with the music. It has been cleverly designed to take full advantage of the power of a multi-touch device like the iPad. (more…)

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New Audi Q5 Brand Tv Ad

7. December 2008


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