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Thunderclap: The First Crowdspeaking Platform

4. July 2012


I’m a big fan of the non-profit campaigns that Droga5 has created over the years. Besides their commercial success, they’ve demonstrated the power of an idea, how it could influence the culture and make a real difference on social issues. As in the lead of their previous strategy director Hashem Bajwa, Droga5 has launched a [...]

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PayPal: Launches Brick and Mortar Checkouts

29. February 2012


While the rest of us have been waiting on NFC-enabled smartphones to to bring us the power of a mobile wallet, PayPal has devised a way to bypass devices altogether. In a partnership with Home Depot, the payment provider has begun to roll out a service that enables payments at brick and mortar stores using [...]

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3LiveShop: The Future Of Shopping Is Here.

10. April 2011


I see a lot of cool things every day. But not many are actually game changers, things that would shape industry, behavior, service or experiences… This one will… But not everyone will like it! 3 have just launched the “3LiveShop” a sort of video call through your computer/webcam that blends a seamless sales and service [...]

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Introducing The Google +1 Button… Like?

5. April 2011


Well, here comes Google’s first real shot at Facebook, introducing the +1 button, essentially, Google’s own “like” button and a step into social that will start appearing for people who have joined the experiment in Google Labs. The +1 button will hit search results from this week, allowing people to “+1″ search results, leaving a [...]

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Augmented Reality: Making Life Easier

11. February 2011


Here is a taste of what we’ll be seeing at this year`s Mobile World Congress (MWC). This video demos the world`s first integrated markerless 3D object tracking on a smartphone. Or, to you and me, it shows us where Augmented Reality is heading: robust, smooth and useful everyday experiences.

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Honda Jazz: Interactive TV Ad / iPhone App

2. February 2011


Here is something seriously cool. Honda has just unveiled an interactive TV campaign called “This Unpredictable Life” to launch the new Honda Jazz, and with that, an iPhone app that allows you to literally grab content from the ad as it plays. The campaign was created by W+K London and uses whats called “screen hopping” that works [...]

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Amnesia Connect: Microsoft Surface To Mobile

25. January 2011


Did you manage to check out the new Microsoft Surface 2.0 demo from CES 2011? Well, hopefully you did, because when you combine Microsoft Surface with this new Apple iOS app, you’ve got something seriously innovative that will change the way we share and interact with digital content. Amnesia Razorfish today launched Connect, an iOS [...]

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Slideshare: Most Contagious 2010 Pres

13. December 2010


Well it’s here again. Most Contagious 2010 is out and you can check out the slideshare presentation here. It’s been a huge year for creative, even more so for digital, and you’ll probably notice a direct correlation between a lot of what I’ve been posting here on digital buzz, and what made the Most Contagious [...]

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Statistics: The Growth Of Mobile Into 2011

21. November 2010


I thought we might kick the week off with a quick video on the growth of mobile into 2011, it’s nothing revolutionary, but you’ll enjoy the statistical round up explaining exactly how big mobile has grown (not that you didn’t already have a pretty good idea!). A few of the key take outs from the [...]

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Gmail Priority Inbox Video

13. September 2010


12-18 months ago Google would release a new product or service and tell us about it on their official blog, if we were lucky. Fast track a year and they now release a hype video for almost everything they do (a growing industry trend), and it’s working wonders for them from a marketing perspective. Each of the [...]

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