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Lamborghini Projection Mapping Event

13. December 2011


I haven’t featured a projection mapping installation in a little while now, so here is a visual treat for you, especially with the entire audio-visual event projected onto the Lamborghini Reventon, the most expensive car in the Lamborghini range, and it’s beautifully shot. The installation was created by The Media Merchants in Canada. Thanks Franko!

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B-Reel Eels: Mobile Projection Mapping Game

16. November 2011


R&D has to be one of the most important internal investments an agency or brand can make, prototyping what’s not been previously done get everyone excited. It’s pretty clear B-Reel do a tonne of this, and here is the workings of their super cool Multiplayer Mobile Projection Mapping “Snake” Game, that’s played in real life [...]

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Nike Jordan Melo: Water Projection Mapping

26. October 2011


Nike is doing something a little different with projection mapping for the new Jordan Melo M8 shoe, this time throwing in water, in fact the whole thing is projected onto water fountains, which perfectly complement the movement and desired effects to create something pretty special for your eyes… Sure, there isn’t any interactivity as we’ve [...]

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The World’s Largest Space Invaders Game

4. October 2011


Check out the Chelsea Football Club team members playing the world’s biggest space invaders game in real life. This real motion gaming technology combines everything we love about 3D projection mapping with ultrasonic motion sensors and other various technical elements to create a physical gaming experience. Now who wouldn’t want to play this? As the [...]

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Meet MMOV: The Projection Mapping Vehicle

1. August 2011


Love design, graffiti and projection mapping? Well get your guerrilla suit on, because you can do just about anything in this beast. It’s called the MMOV – Multi Media Off Road Vehicle – and is literally a projection mapping installation on wheels, but not any wheels, 4×4 ones that can take you just about anywhere, [...]

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Alienware Area 52: 3D Projection Mapping Event

16. July 2011


I love projection mapping events. But, one of the things annoying me lately has been the constant “same same” of various installations from around the world, it’s like people cracked that perfect “wow” formula and stopped innovating. Sure, we’ve seen our fair share of really cool brand experiences lately, and there are always a few [...]

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Canada’s 3D Projection Mapped Mountain!

13. July 2011


Here is a little eye candy for you! Canada’s Wonderland Theme Park has developed a huge 3D projection mapping event to celebrate it’s 30th birthday, in fact, they are projecting it onto their signature attraction “Wonder Mountain”. It’s a 10min video, so grab a coffee! Wonder Mountain is transformed by 2D motion designs and 3D [...]

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Bombay Sapphire Projection Mapping Event

10. June 2011


We’ve seen the future of projection mapping recently with the first ever user generated 3D projection mapping from Wrigleys. Bombay Sapphire proves that location can play a big part on projection mapping events when they lite up the Battersea Power Station last night. Hundreds gathered on the banks of London’s River Thames to watch the [...]

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NuFormer 3D Video Mapping Interactivity Test

31. May 2011


We’ve seen some great projection mappings from NuFormer before. Here is a demo video of their latest technology which shows new interactive techniques combined with 3D video mapping. This latest addition of technology adds to the experience of the spectators by letting them interact with the projection. All types of branded content, logos or product [...]

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Projection Mapping: New Museum in NYC

29. May 2011


Here is a cool projection mapping event for the New Museum in New York. On Saturday May 7th over 5,000 perople came to see this Flash:Light display as it transformed the facade of the New Museum. Light Harvest Studio along with Nuit Blanch New York put together this group of artists working in non-electronic mediums [...]

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