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Stop Motion Film By BLU: Big Bang Big Boom

16. August 2010


You probably remember Blu’s last stop motion painted film called COMBO, it was an amazing creative piece. Well this one 12 months on is probably even better, and has almost 3 million combined views between YouTube & Vimeo in just 4 weeks. This time, the animation is BLU’s view on how the world might have [...]

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Nokia: Worlds Biggest Signpost

25. February 2010


This is a nice installation from Nokia. A digital panel in the shape of arrow was lifted 50 metres above London by a crane. People on the street could send text messages directly to the live sign with their favorite places to visit, and the arrow would move to point to that location, and also [...]

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BBDO Argentina Changes Pepsi to Pecsi

9. December 2009


This is a pretty cool case study that you won’t see every day! Pepsi let BBDO Argentina change their name in an experimental campaign because it was too hard for the locals to pronounce! They set out to re-brand almost everything, bottles, websites, signage… the lot. And the result? Pecsi took off and people started asking for [...]

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Cadbury Goo The Egg – Bus Shelter Game

10. February 2009


Check this out, a very cool new campaign from Cadbury (created by Saatchi & Saatchi) where they are turning London bus shelters into touchscreen interactive gaming platforms while people are waiting for next bus! Brilliant concept, and correct me if i’m wrong, but I’ve not seen anything this good in a bus shelter before? I’ve seen things [...]

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Rundle Lantern

2. January 2009


I like city installations, especially colorful ones. This one is in Adelaide, Australia, a multi story car park / mall composed of a big corner-wrapping screen. Each of the 748 ?pixels??? has two LED lights behind it, and it can do all the stuff that awesome big screens can do. It was designed by brand consulting firm Fusion. Rundle [...]

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