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The Economist: Did You Know 4.0 Video

20. September 2009


This is the latest video in the “Shift Happens” video series by The Economist + XPLANE and visualizes in beautiful fashion a “Did You Know” 4.0 summary of the way media in converging in 2009. If you’ve not seen the previous videos, there is Did You Know 3.0, Did You Know 2.0 and Did You Know 1.0. Enjoy the video!

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YouTube: Choose Your Own Ending

4. August 2009


YouTube campaigns are changing and so are the ways you can develop interactivity with video. Since the introduction of video hotlinks we’ve seen more and more “interactive” videos & story telling campaigns emerging. This new campaign called “Choose Your Own Ending” by is an interactive film that allows you to decide what happens next. [...]

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Come Play: Australia’s World Cup Bid Video

16. June 2009


Australia’s world cup soccer bid is heating up ahead of the official submissions in 2010. Starting with a very cool (viral?) video showing people playing soccer across the country in all sorts of beautiful places. This is the first of many great campaign elements to help Australia win the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup Events! [...]

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Viral Ad: The History Of Marijuana

21. May 2009


Hi guys, I’m Lucio Ribeiro and this is my first post on Digital Buzz. I’ll be writing short, sharp posts about the latest digital ad campaigns and some general news all around advertising, marketing and internet. Thanks Aden for inviting me to be a contributor along with Fethi Uluak, Jye Smith and Peter Yesawich Jr. [...]

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Honda Insight Hybrid: Virtual Tour Video

19. May 2009

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This is the new Honda Insight Hybrid Virtual Tour Video that was created by RPA & Stardust Studios to launch exclusively online (here) as an experience that introduces you to the Honda Insight. What I love about a video like this, is that its showcasing everything I need to know about the insight in just 2 minutes, its engaging and beautifully [...]

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Honda Let It Shine Vimeo Experience

28. April 2009


A friend sent me a Vimeo link last night, it was the Honda Let It Shine TVC and I thought, well I’ve seen this about 10 times already, but its a catchy song so I played it again anyway. But this was “the” Honda Let It Shine Vimeo Experience, in similar contrast to the Warrio [...]

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Digital Buzz is live!

10. December 2008


Well, after a week customising the blog interface and a few little widgets on wordpress we are up and running! What’s up and running you say? It’s going to be a great new blog covering everything digital, interactive & online from around the world. Ok, plus a few tv ads and random cool stuff because we know you love that [...]

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