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Kaiak: The Scented Web Banner!

1. June 2010


In amongst the current social media hype, it’s great to see a web banner idea really stand out. Created by TBWA Brazil for a the re-launch of a men’s fragrance, the agency created a scented web banner that was… real. To make the idea come to life, they sponsored 15 lan houses across Brazil and installed [...]

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NY Times Takeover: Apple Switcher Cams

9. November 2009

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Apple’s Mac vs Pc campaign is getting a free re-invented with the release of windows 7 providing the creative teams a mass of new ammunition to play off. This is the latest in a string of rich media takeovers by Apple on the NY Times website, they are always full video and perfectly executed for the space [...]

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Braquo: The YouTube Takeover Experience

15. October 2009


(#update – the vimeo video is not working, so I’ve switched to the MSN video) We’ve been seeing some innovative rich media campaigns on YouTube over the last 12 months, including this new one for Braquo, a new crime TV series in France where they take over the entire page, bringing as many elements as possible [...]

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Pringles: Can Hands Banner (Gold Cyber Lion)

30. June 2009


This was an interesting winner at Cannes 2009 in the Cyber Lions. A banner so simple that you can’t help but to continually interact with it’s cheeky lines of text. How many times did you click? This banner would have got the brand engagement tick many times over, even if it wasn’t exactly exciting. Check out [...]

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Apple: Second Opinion Web Banner (NY Times)

19. May 2009


Apple have launched another fantastic banner campaign on New York Times, this time its the “Apple: Second Opinion” web banner featured as a rich media page takeover on the home page of the New York times. A classic synced leaderboard / medium rectangle but this time with a nice throw to a few speaking heads across [...]

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Apples One Billion iPhone App Downloads Banner!

26. April 2009

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So there it goes, a landmark occasion with Apple iPhone App Downloads passing the One Billion mark. And to celebrate, Apple took out a 100% SOV rich media banner on the New York Times website which you can view here. But to reflect upon this for just one moment, the creation of the App store has [...]

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Volkswagen Connect Web Banner Game

3. March 2009


I came across this banner yesterday, on NineMsn I think it was! Great expandable banner from Volkswagen that prompts you to challenge the banner in a game (you have 30 seconds) to link up the road pieces to the exit and get the car through in time… very classy banner, clean and great engagement.

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Barnardo’s Troubled Youth Campaign

21. February 2009


The new Barnardo’s Troubled Youth Campaign was launched by BBH London, I like especially the online banner ads; they are very powerful. We see violence and anger themed stuff everyday on Youtube, Dailymotion etc and we become numb to it. But in this campaign the scenes have blended really well with the idea and are [...]

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Digital Buzz is live!

10. December 2008


Well, after a week customising the blog interface and a few little widgets on wordpress we are up and running! What’s up and running you say? It’s going to be a great new blog covering everything digital, interactive & online from around the world. Ok, plus a few tv ads and random cool stuff because we know you love that [...]

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