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Tipp-Ex: YouTube Takeover Campaign

6. September 2010


I’m a few days late on this (was out of the Country!) but it’s worth a look if you haven’t yet seen it just yet. Called “A Hunter Shoots A Bear”, this interactive YouTube takeover campaign from Tipp-Ex has racked up over 2.5 million views on the initial start video and over 3.5 million channel [...]

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The Expendables YouTube Takeover

9. August 2010


This is the latest campaign element for the launch of The Expendables movie, a YouTube takeover that features as an interrupted interview with Sylvester Stallone. While I love YouTube takeovers, I felt a little let down by this one (I’ve got high standards!), but only because they played it a little safe, for such an action packed movie, [...]

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Breast Cancer “Magic Boobs” Case Study

19. July 2010


Digital is unique in the fact you can create almost anything, anywhere. So for this Polish Breast Cancer awareness campaign, Change Integrated devised something a little different around an insight into making breast cancer detection methods fun to learn, for men! So in the adult section of one of the most popular polish websites, they placed a very smart [...]

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Miley Cyrus With YouTube Annotations

21. June 2010

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Firstly, my sincere apologies, never would I have thought that Miley Cyrus would grace a Digital Buzz page, and let me predict it will probably be the first and last time! However, I’ve good reason to post this YouTube video, lately, I’ve started to notice all kinds of interesting commercial applications of YouTube Annotations, and this [...]

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UNIQLO: The Lucky Switch Banner Campaign

10. June 2010


There are a few really good banner campaign case studies going around at the moment and this one from Uniqlo is once again quite innovative in both the concept and media strategy. Launched for the 2009 end of year clearance, the banner campaign has two parts, firstly a blog / website widget and then the [...]

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Ogilvy: Search For World’s Greatest Salesperson

11. April 2010


Ogilvy have launched this fantastic campaign for themselves that doubles as a recruitment drive and social competition. It’s called the Search For The Worlds Greatest Salesperson, and it’s running exclusively on their YouTube channel. All you have to do is sell a brick. Yep, the top few people who can upload the best video of how to [...]

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Burger King: Media Buying Gets Smarter

5. April 2010


Ok, so maybe this isn’t “smarter” media buying, but it sure is thinking outside the box. One of the toughest things about buying digital media is there is (generally) only so many placement types you can buy, and going outside of those placements either means months of negotiations or astronomical costs, so when I see something like this, I [...]

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Disney: Muppets Page Takeover

8. January 2010


The Muppets go a little crazy in this page takeover on the Disney: Give A Day, Get A Day website where people can register to volunteer to help out a host of good causes in return for a free day at any Disney theme park. A Dummy page loads and full video flash seamlessly plays [...]

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BBDO Argentina Changes Pepsi to Pecsi

9. December 2009


This is a pretty cool case study that you won’t see every day! Pepsi let BBDO Argentina change their name in an experimental campaign because it was too hard for the locals to pronounce! They set out to re-brand almost everything, bottles, websites, signage… the lot. And the result? Pecsi took off and people started asking for [...]

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Google Chrome Launches YouTube Takeover

27. October 2009


Google Chrome has launched a profile on YouTube dedicated to its “themes” and along with it, a very nice takeover ad with some great music. It highlights the artists and themes that Google Chrome are pushing to make the web a little less grey! It takes you on a journey from a standard grey browser [...]

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