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HTC Desire Interactive iAd

31. May 2011

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We’re seeing some engaging ads with the release of the latest iAds recently and here ‘s one from 2359 Media who have developed a fully interactive gesture-based iPad ad for HTC to promote the release of HTC Desire S in Singapore. Utilizing HTML5, it features an interactive banner ad, a fully animated introduction screen and [...]

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The Great Banner Sale: GRAACC

29. May 2011

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This is a simple but effective way to get people to engage with a charity by making them part of the marketing process. Ogilvy Brazil created this interactive camapign for GRAACC which is a hospital that offers free treatment for children with cancer. As a NGO they rely on monthly donations in order to continue [...]

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Stockholm: The Homeless Banner Campaign

25. May 2011


Here is a neat little case study for Stadsmission, a small charity dedicated to helping the homeless in Stockholm. The “Homeless Banners” campaign was based around a blank, homeless banner with no website to live, a banner that has been re-sized, and waiting for a home… When users got to the micro-site, they were promoted [...]

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Kung Fu Panda 2 Facebook Parade

26. April 2011


Love this. With every new movie release comes an increasingly important social component that can now make or break an opening weekend. Gone are the days of the famous microsite that plays the latest trailer and challenges you to an advergame… Those days only started a few years ago for the big film studios, and [...]

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Volkswagen Passat LinkedIn Challenge

25. April 2011


Here is one of the very first branded experiences utilising the new LinkedIn API, and interestingly, it’s for the new Volkswagen Passat campaign in the Netherlands, helping to remind people that its seriously packed full of standard features, just like most peoples LinkedIn profiles! Volkswagen’s LinkedIn campaign called “LinkedUit” or (LinkedOut) gives anyone who challenges [...]

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Desperados Beer YouTube Takeover

11. April 2011


Here is one of the best YouTube takeovers I’ve seen in a while, and potentially the first one to integrate the Facebook Connect functionality as part of the experience. (happy to be corrected here!) The YouTube campaign for beer brand Desperados is different to most, by letting you interact with the story as it unfolds [...]

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GT5: Google Street View Web Banner

14. March 2011


Here is a different kind of banner, created for the launch of Gran Turismo 5, it enables users to experience some of the worlds most famous race tracks through a Google Maps banner campaign, aiming to highlight the photo realistic gaming experience that the new Gran Turismo 5 provides. And while the banner is probably [...]

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M&M’s Internet Invasion Game

28. February 2011


M&M’s are doing something a little different over in Denmark, utilising Bookmarklets (little Javascript apps that are launched from a bookmark) to help turn every website in the world, into part of the M&M’s “Space Heroes” internet invasion game. This style of creative strategy has been hotting up of late, with brands delivering interactive experiences accessible on any website. [...]

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Gol Airlines: Mobile Controlled Banner Game

9. January 2011


Here is a pretty innovative banner ad from the guys at AlmapBBDO in Brazil for Gol Airlines. The banner ad challenged people to think about what it would be like to fly on your mobile phone. So users input their mobile number into the banner, seconds later they got a live call with flight instructions [...]

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The Skittles MOB vs David Phoenix

19. October 2010


The skittles mob is back (I’ve been waiting!) and this time it was with a live Facebook event called “Dazzle The Rainbow” where the entire skittles mob has been challenged by a character called David Phoenix, a fully grown man, who believes he can beat the interwebs and the 1.3 million skittles fans at what they love [...]

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