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AXA: Interactive TV iAd Experience

7. March 2011


Here is another pretty cool campaign from AXA in Belgium on the back of some great recent work. It’s what they are calling an iMmercial, which makes no sense, but sounds fantastic, creating an interactive experience from a live TV ad using QR codes and your iPhone. When you scan the QR code during the TV [...]

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Beyond Earth Hour: iPhone and Android apps

7. March 2011

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Earth Hour is just a few weeks away, and they are about to release a neat iPhone App to help extend the event beyond a single hour as part of “Beyond The Hour“. The app will provide users with the ability to explore the worlds pledges that have been submitted online or via the app, [...]

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Honda Jazz: Interactive TV Ad / iPhone App

2. February 2011


Here is something seriously cool. Honda has just unveiled an interactive TV campaign called “This Unpredictable Life” to launch the new Honda Jazz, and with that, an iPhone app that allows you to literally grab content from the ad as it plays. The campaign was created by W+K London and uses whats called “screen hopping” that works [...]

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Amnesia Connect: Microsoft Surface To Mobile

25. January 2011


Did you manage to check out the new Microsoft Surface 2.0 demo from CES 2011? Well, hopefully you did, because when you combine Microsoft Surface with this new Apple iOS app, you’ve got something seriously innovative that will change the way we share and interact with digital content. Amnesia Razorfish today launched Connect, an iOS [...]

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Slideshare: Future Of Mobile Tagging Report

16. January 2011


Whether you believe in QR codes or not (which reminds me I really need to change that poll!) this report from PSFK on The Future Of Mobile Tagging takes you down the technology path that links the real world with the virtual, helping to unlock the true potential of mobile in a consumers life. It’s [...]

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Gol Airlines: Mobile Controlled Banner Game

9. January 2011


Here is a pretty innovative banner ad from the guys at AlmapBBDO in Brazil for Gol Airlines. The banner ad challenged people to think about what it would be like to fly on your mobile phone. So users input their mobile number into the banner, seconds later they got a live call with flight instructions [...]

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IKEA “Cheers” Social Celebration iPhone App

27. December 2010


You would have seen a few of those gimmicky ”toast” or “cheers” apps that allow you to tap two iPhone together to make a click in celebration of something… But, this new iPhone App from IKEA takes that idea to a whole new level, just in time for New Years Eve! Firstly, you can choose from any [...]

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Absolut: Drinkspiration iPad App

30. November 2010


Check out Absolut’s new “Drinkspiration” iPad App, it’s an extension of the iPhone app released earlier this year and moves from a going out bar companion to an at home entertainment package. There is over 3,000 drink recipes, along with six pre-installed drink collections, mixer suggestions based on the ingredients you actually have, a shopping list creator, [...]

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Nissan Juke iAd Demo Experience

29. November 2010


You may have already seen this, but dead set, if this isn’t the best iAd campaign to date, then it’s certainly the best ever iAd Demo video, and that might just be pretty dam tough to beat! Nissan have been growing more and more innovative with their marketing of late, and were the very first Apple partner [...]

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Statistics: The Growth Of Mobile Into 2011

21. November 2010


I thought we might kick the week off with a quick video on the growth of mobile into 2011, it’s nothing revolutionary, but you’ll enjoy the statistical round up explaining exactly how big mobile has grown (not that you didn’t already have a pretty good idea!). A few of the key take outs from the [...]

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