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Lynx Effect: Mobile Apps

2. February 2010


BBH London has released a series of funny mobile apps as part of the Lynx “Get In There” Campaign. The first one, shown above is called “Say Cheese” and the mobile app lets you take a photo but automatically show an alternate pic of your choice after the photo is taken. Below are two other [...]

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Google’s New QR Codes For Local Businesses

14. December 2009


I’m not yet sold on QR codes, but I’m warming pretty quickly. QR codes are huge in Japan, but in places like Europe, America and Australia, they are still just scratching the surface… Well that will be the case until Google rolls out their new “Google Favourite Places” program for local businesses around the world, [...]

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Axe Day & Night: SMS & MMS print ad

27. September 2009


Lowe Ginkgo from Uruguay has come up with a great way to use SMS & MMS to engage their target audience for the latest print ad for the new Axe Day & Axe Night products. The print ads are censored, with the strapline: “One is suitable for general audiences. The other one is not.” Readers [...]

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An Internet Watered Down Presentation

19. April 2009


Razorfish interaction designer John Pettengill prepared a new presentation about, ”How our idea of The Mobile Web is flawed?” and ”What should we do for its future?” Easy to read and filled with great insights, thanks John. Its an amazing presentation and well work the 120 slides! Enjoy.

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UN Voices Campaign – Case Study

3. April 2009


I met with The Hyperfactory the other day, and they talked me through the technology behind the UN Voices Campaign for the United Nations. In Australia, where the UN doesn’t really have too much an impact, it seemed critical that their big push to get Australian’s thinking about social issues made some noise, and make [...]

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INQ1: A Social Media Mobile Phone!

27. March 2009


One of the newest mobile brands on the market – INQ – has just won the Global Mobile Award for Best Handset 2009 with their INQ1, a social media based mobile phone! Hailed as the first mobile of its kind, it features a range of fully integrated social networking applications, features and widgets. Interestingly, it’s in the [...]

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Branded iPhone Apps Presentation

17. February 2009


I’ve been writing a tonne of presentations and credentials docs over the last few weeks, so naturally I’ve been looking all over the place getting great ideas. I stumbled across this one on slideshare and out of the 10-20 presentations I’d been reading, this one just clicked. So I thought I’d better post it while [...]

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Digital Buzz is live!

10. December 2008


Well, after a week customising the blog interface and a few little widgets on wordpress we are up and running! What’s up and running you say? It’s going to be a great new blog covering everything digital, interactive & online from around the world. Ok, plus a few tv ads and random cool stuff because we know you love that [...]

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