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PassPath App: Protect Your Photos

8. September 2011


Know anyone who needs this app Franko? Well, if you’ve got photos you don’t want found on your phone, then you might just want to check out PassPath, which claims to be the worlds most secure photo storage app by utilisng a very new PassPath password system that uses patterns instead of characters and numbers. [...]

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CLOO: The Community Loo Finder App

4. September 2011


Oh dear… There’s an app for that! Well, now I’ve pretty much seen them all. CLOO’ is the new socially connected community based toilet finder app, designed to help you avoid dirty public toilets by finding private toilets in your social network that you can pay to use. It works with people registering their Loo’s [...]

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iPhone 5 Concept Features Showcase

31. August 2011


So chances are you might have already seen this, but for those who haven’t, here is a very (very) futuristic look at the iPhone 5 might just be, or at least what animation studio Aatma Studio wishes would be released in the upcoming iPhone 5. At first glance it’s perhaps somewhat remotely believable that Apple [...]

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Cadbury Spots v Stripes Blippar AR Gaming App

24. August 2011


Cadbury have launched a world first Augmented Reality gaming app that is activated via their chocolate bar packaging, utilising Blippar’s image recognition technology and AR app platform. The game itself is called Spots v Stripes, a simple, seemingly addictive game that has you smacking ducks as fast as you can, before sharing your best scores [...]

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New Balance: Urban Dash Challenge ARG App

10. August 2011


Here is a pretty cool new campaign from New Balance to promote their first Flagship store in New York. To do it, they’ve created the “Urban Dash” iPhone app that challenges you to find hundreds of virtual batons throughout New York, before running to the new flagship store while still in possession of that baton. [...]

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Mario Vs Angry Birds (Godfather Parody Video)

9. August 2011


Here is a great little parody video reflecting the state of the gaming world. As mobile games become increasingly popular amongst casual gamers it leaves you wondering what will happen to the classics! Well this video show’s the stars of the games taking things into their own hands. If you’re anything more than a casual [...]

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Volkswagen’s Augmented Reality App

29. July 2011


Volkswagen are promoting the big come back of their Golf Cabriolet with an augmented reality app. The French agency behind this concept is Paris based Agency.V. who have created a world first with this AR car showroom app for the iPad2, iPhone and Android. Once you’ve downloaded the app it lets you explore the vehicle [...]

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Citroen DS4 Seekers: Hide and Seek Campaign

26. July 2011


Citroen have launched a new campaign for the DS4 called “DS4 Seekers” which is basically a huge game of hide and seek with virtual cars in the real world via mobile phones or online via Facebook. Each day players are given a virtual DS4 to hide on the real streets around them, and for every [...]

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Sony: World’s First Instagram Music Video

20. July 2011


Addicted to Instagram and love music festivals? Well you might like this, Sony Music is giving you the chance to be part of a new crowdsourced Instagram video to be used for “The Vaccines” upcoming new single called “wetsuit”. You can submit photos live, just by shooting and tagging and photo through Instagram with #vaccinesvideo, [...]

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Toyota Japan: ToyToyota Backseat Driver App

17. July 2011


If you can see past the cheesy demo video, you’ll find the first project out of Toyota’s new brand, ToyToyota, which has been created to develop innovative projects that showcase the toy inside Toyota while delivering fun and happiness to both kids and parents. It’s called the “Backseat Driver” an iPhone app that allows kids [...]

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100 Years: Pitch To David Ogilvy iPhone App

13. July 2011


To celebrate David Ogilvy’s 100th birthday, Ogilvy have launched a fun iPhone app that allows any aspiring creative to pitch ideas via video call, straight to the great man himself. If you’re onto a good idea, you’ll know almost instantly, with praise from David Ogilvy among the rewards, but if not, and your idea sucks, [...]

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Doritos: The Dip Desperado Advergame

10. July 2011


It’s not very often that you see a TVC that promotes a Facebook app so it was very exciting to see this latest Doritos integrated campaign offering from the UK. First of all the TVC is fun to watch and tells a moving story of the rise and fall of Esteban Ortega, a professional Dorito [...]

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Pringles: The Crunch Band Mobile App

4. July 2011


Here is a cool new promotion just launched for Pringles to help celebrate the summer music festival. The Pringles Crunch Band consists of native iPhone and Android apps that are used to play one of 15 virtual instruments, all depending how you utilise the accelerometer. You can get the apps for free here to get [...]

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Nike+ Graffiti Challenge Case Study

19. June 2011


Here is a nice campaign for Nike Running out of Amsterdam, leveraging the Nike+ mobile app in conjunction with a very cool Facebook app, designed to get youngsters back into running. After identifying that youngsters think running is boring, Nike set out to make it a little more fun and socially rewarding. So they created [...]

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Kalles Egg Timer iPhone App

13. June 2011


This is a nice idea for an iPhone app from Swedish sandwich spread brand Kalles Kaviar. The concept was designed by digital agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky Europe to assist users when creating a perfect filling for their sandwich to accompany the brand’s caviar spread. The app not only tells you how to boil the [...]

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