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Virtual Exhibition: Paint Job

17. June 2012


I love campaigns that use technology to offer a new angle on existing creative. This one is from Amsterdam based creative agency Brilliant after Breakfast and is a virtual art exhibition. They recently launched the ‘Paint Job’ campaign at the famous Rijksmuseum museum. Using the Layar Reality Browser app visitors could scan paintings with their [...]

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Guaraná Antarctica: Ex Lover Blocker App

15. June 2012


Here’s a fun app idea from Guaraná Antarctica, who recently launched the Ex-Lover Blocker app for iPhone, which gives friends the tools they need to help their heartbroken mate get over an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. The app, created by DDB Brazil, blocks the ex’s phone number so that the heartbroken mate can’t call their ex, if they [...]

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Nike Golf 360 App: Track and Tune Your Game

28. May 2012

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Here comes the Nike+ of Golfing, but I wonder if it will have the same effect? The new Nike Golf 360º app lets users track, tune and share their game on the fly. The multi-device app is essentially a performance toolkit designed to help players improve their games, from tracking distances and scoring your games, [...]

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Parking Douche App: Real-Time Social Shaming

18. May 2012


Rumour has it that in Russia, people might just be worse at parking cars than the French (remember this campaign?!). So online Russian newspaper “The Village” have had enough and launched an app designed to help every day people shame douche bag drivers by taking a photo of the car, where image recognition reads the [...]

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Infographic: Instagram Statistics 2012

13. May 2012


Everyone’s talking about Instagram after the recent $1 billion Facebook acquisition, in just 2 years the app has aquired more than 50 million users. Here’s a nice infographic that shows some pretty impressive stats as Instagram heads toward the 100 million users milestone. Some highlights from these app stats are: Each day on Facebook 300 million [...]

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MUSE: Play Draw Something For An Internship

20. March 2012


The Draw Something app started going crazy a few weeks back, and this is the very first campaign I’ve seen run though it… Muse, a creative agency in Amsterdam, challenged potential Interns to compete for positions via Draw Something! Wannabe interns would join their “Drawsome Intern” game, choose levels and draw the most creative interpretations [...]

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Xbox Kinect: Dancify Yourself Mobile App

23. January 2012


There is a growing trend towards launching promo mobile apps for console games which I’m not sure every buys into just yet, but when you see an example like this from AKQA for Dance Central 2 (the sequel to the most popular Xbox Kinect game) you’ll soon realise the potential for fun-based feature apps and [...]

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Crash Corsage: Wedding Crasher App For Pros

11. January 2012

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There’s an app for that… Well, at least there is just about to be, with the impending launch of “Crash Corsage“, a new mobile app designed to help you find and crash weddings where ever you are, while adding a gamification layer so you can compete to be the world’s best wedding crasher. The app [...]

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Mercedes-Benz: Augmented Reality Accessories

2. January 2012


Ever wondered how those Mercedes-Benz accessories really look at every angle when added to the car? Well, now you don’t have to. Mercedes-Benz has launched a series of new Augmented Reality Apps across iOS/Android for a few of its accessory lines, with more to come later this year… To kick it off, Mercedes-Benz lets you [...]

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Hyundai: Times Square Billboard Racing Game

30. December 2011

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Hyundai have created the world’s largest iPhone controlled racing game in New York’s Times Square. Users simply have to register with the “Hyundai Race” and download the app to get a turn to control the car on a giant digital billboard using their iPhone. The game features the Veloster hatchback which is controlled by the [...]

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