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iPad App Demos: Keynote, Mail, iBooks & More

30. March 2010


Apple today released a series of detailed iPad App demos on YouTube showcasing the top features of every app you’ll get standard with the iPad. I was pretty keen to see exactly how Keynote, Safari and Mail would work, as they will probably be three of the most used apps from a professional point of [...]

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Opera Browser To Launch on iPhone & iPad

24. March 2010


This might be what lots of you have been waiting for, a browser (any browser!) that isn’t safari, for the iPhone and probably the iPad. Today, Opera have officially submitted the new Opera Mini 5 browser app to Apple for approval, if it gets through or not is another story! The Opera Mini 5 browser brings [...]

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WIRED Magazine: The iPad Experience

21. March 2010


WIRED Magazine recently released their vision for the future: Digital Story Art. Allowing that to happen is of course, the iPad and to showcase the experience WIRED Magazine will be delivering to their readers in April, they released this at TED a few weeks ago. The WIRED Magazine’s iPad experience is very rich, and believe it [...]

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VIV Mag: First iPad Interactive Magazine

19. March 2010


So we all know that some of the biggest mags are thinking about how they’ll serve content to the iPad. But VIV Mag is probably the first to show exactly (and I mean not just a mockup!) what’s in store as this video showcases a behind the scenes look at creating their very first interactive magazine for [...]

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