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IBM: The THINK Digital Exhibition NYC

28. September 2011


Ok, so this is pretty dam cool! It’s IBM’s new THINK Exhibit, an exploration into making the world work better, digitally, of course! The THINK Exhibit on on from September 23 to October 23 at Lincoln Center in New York, and takes us through three immersive experiences, with the first being a huge, live data [...]

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Mill Touch: Projected Touch Screen Experience

18. August 2011


Here is a behind the scenes look at how The Mill, one of the worlds best post-production houses, brought to life their entire back catalogue of creative work via a projected touch screen installation. It’s a great little piece telling the story of how they built the installation, but looking past that, the interaction, the [...]

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Cinemax “Strike Back” Interactive SuperWall

15. August 2011


SuperWall I hear you say? Yep, well that’s what they are becoming known as in some parts anyway, that aside, you’ll want to see this very cool interactive superwall in New York City, on 34th street. It’s for Cinemax’s new show called “Strike Back” and will run for the entire month of August. The SuperWall [...]

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Nike+ Dynamic Run Paintings

11. August 2011


I’m a sucker for data visualisations, and here is a pretty cool one created with 12 months worth of Nike+ run data from NYC, set as both a digital installation in-store, and as a reward with the Nike Free Run+ 2 City Pack series. The reward allowed customers to sync their runs to create a [...]

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Selfridges “Project Ocean” Digital Installation

21. May 2011


This is a pretty unique campaign from London retailer Selfridges. In what they are calling “retail activism” the famous upscale department store is utilising all of their creative elements (online and offline) to raise awareness of the issues of sustainability, overfishing and marine protection. The campaign, created by UK based agency 18 feet & rising [...]

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Nike Shout: Game Day Social Installation

17. May 2011


This digital/social installation goes back a few months now, but a lot of you guys might not have had the chance to see it, with the campaign created out of Asia by Ogilvy Singapore. Nike Shout was a social installation designed to give fans a real voice, in real-time, on game day. With fans submitting [...]

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Death Penalty: Take A Stand Digital Installation

8. May 2011


I thought this was a pretty neat digital installation in France’s National Library, helping to raise awareness and generate petition signatures for a movement against the death penalty. Featuring two large screens mounted on either side of a hallway, one side with a prisoner about to be executed, and the other, a soldier standing tall, [...]

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PepsiCo Social Vending Machine Demo

1. May 2011


There has been a lot of talk about Pepsi’s use of social media, with millions of Facebook fans and Twitter followers generated out of big budget campaigns. But this is just a little bit different, introducing the new Pepsi Social Vending Maching. This video shows the full capabilities of the digitally-connected touch-screen social vending machine, which [...]

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Hyundai Real Life “Likes” via RFID at AutoRAI

30. April 2011


Well it seems that Renault wasn’t the only brand pushing Facebook “Likes” via RFID at the 2011 AutoRAI Motorshow in Amsterdam this year, with Hyundai deploying a very similar social engagement strategy, linking Facebook accounts to RFID “Like” cards for visitors of their stand. I wonder if that was a little embarrassing for both agencies [...]

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Burberry “Holographic” Catwalk Show In Beijing

18. April 2011


Burberry has celebrated the launch of a new flagship store in Beijing (one of about 100 Chinese stores set to open or be re-fitted with digital experiences) with a special “Holographic” Catwalk show that featured just 6 “real” models and a multiplying array of holographic models that were almost undetectable and seamlessly integrated into the [...]

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