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McDonald’s NFC Powered ‘Happy Table’ Games

2. September 2013


This McDonald’s NFC Concept Table is the first of its kind, launched in Yishun, Singapore, for testing, before an extended rollout throughout Asia, targeting families with NFC enabled smartphones to create unique interactive worlds for kids to play with in store. The McDonald’s ‘Happy Table’ features a number of NFC tags underneath the table, forming [...]

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Fi Prototype: The New Experience

11. August 2013


I’m starting to fall in love with these great UX/UI videos showcasing new builds or prototype experiences for brands and industries. Here’s another one, this time it’s a showcase of the new Experience, which focuses on finding new ways to allow people to explore and interact the Wacom products we all use every day. [...]

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Google Chrome: The World Wide Maze

24. March 2013


Google’s addiction to creative experiments continues to skyrocket, and with it comes this, ‘The World Wide Maze’ which essentially, turns your favourite websites into mobile controlled pinball meets marble maze games. Click here to start the action, connect your phone, find a site and then play! Very cool work form Google Japan… It reminds me [...]

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Google Chrome: The Peanut Gallery Experiment

21. March 2013


I think it’s getting to that point where Google can release just about any old Chrome Experiment and the internet will love it! And here is another example of something super simple, with a little story telling thrown in, that leverages their Web Speech API to turn speech into text in real time, as part [...]

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Google Chrome: The 100,000 Stars Experiment

20. November 2012


Here is another amazing Google Chrome Experiment… This time, the guys from Google’s Data Team, have mashed up a tonne data, info and visuals from NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and Wikipedia to literally map the 100,000 stars closes to our very own sun! Which as they note, is just a tiny fraction of [...]

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JAM With Chrome: An HTML 5 Experiment

12. November 2012


Here is a really cool Google Chrome Experiment called ‘Jam With Chrome’ where you can invite friends into a live ‘JAM’ session to play across an array of instruments and collaboratively create music from a Chrome browser anywhere in the world on just about any device. Adding a friend generates a unique short url specific [...]

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Google: The Exquisite Forest Experiment

22. July 2012

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How many of us have had this idea before? I’ll claim to, but never could quite wrangle the resources to create it, then along came Google (with a few partners and a tonne of resource) to create The Exquisite Forest, a Chrome Experiment no doubt, where a HTML 5 drawing application meets animation engine to [...]

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Microsoft Disco Breaker: IE9 HTML5 Experience

29. December 2011


Microsoft Istanbul has teamed up with Bedük (a famous Turkish pop star) to create the Disco Breaker experience showcasing the new HTML5 features of Internet Explorer 9. The only trailer available is in Turkish, but I think you get the drift of how the experience will play out with this video, to kick it off, [...]

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Honda: HTML5 Chain Reactions Challenge

25. November 2011


So this is a super clever HTML5 site from Honda. It’s called “The Experiment” and is essentially a lab where you can play with all sorts of objects in a physics-based game that challenges you to complete that chain reaction using a set of objects by placing them in the correct sequence. Each of the [...]

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OK Go + Google: Interactive HTML5 Music Video

31. July 2011


The “OK Go” guys have a habit of creating highly shareable music videos, with their last one generating almost 30 million views on YouTube alone. So it was quite interesting to see them team up with Google to create an interactive HTML 5 experience as their latest music video. Called “All Is Not Lost” the [...]

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