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Join the House of Radon

23. December 2014


House of Radon is a small yet significant agency from Sweden. They mostly known for their award-winning documentary film called PressPausePlay. At its core, the documentary examines the impact of readily-available digital technology on today’s culture of art, film, music and literature. In order to create even more impactful projects, House of Radon is looking for a bunch [...]

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Konkreet Performer for the iPad

10. February 2011

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This is a pretty cool iPad app! Konkreet Labs, in Berlin, just announced the release of their iPad app Konkreet Performer. It’s described as a music control and performance instrument that connects the musicians actions directly with the music. It has been cleverly designed to take full advantage of the power of a multi-touch device [...]

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Video: The Dramatic Shift In Marketing Reality

18. January 2009

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I’m sure you’ve all already seen this, but I need it for the archives! This is an amazing piece of video from Michael Reissinger about the short history of marketing, which he later re-names the Dramatic Shift In Marketing Reality, a video that perfectly illustrates our changing media consumption and how we use that to consume [...]

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Digital Buzz is live!

10. December 2008


Well, after a week customising the blog interface and a few little widgets on wordpress we are up and running! What’s up and running you say? It’s going to be a great new blog covering everything digital, interactive & online from around the world. Ok, plus a few tv ads and random cool stuff because we know you love that [...]

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