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Nike: Live ‘Frozen’ Moment Art Installation

9. October 2012


WOW. If this isn’t the coolest piece of ambient work I’ve seen in a while, I’d be scratching my head as to what would be… Check out this amazing ‘Live’ frozen moment from Nike’s ‘Jordan’ range of products for the new CP3.IV shoe, telling the story of how the new CP3 literally cuts through LA. [...]

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Strongbow: The World’s First Digital Bottle Cap

5. October 2012


Strongbow claims to have created the world’s very first digital bottle top with their new ‘StartCap‘ installations, where opening bottles of Strongbow triggers unexpected things on-premise in bars and at events. It’s powered by RFID, with the bottle caps triggering/connecting the RFID signal as they are opened, which is in turn picked up by RFID [...]

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Ibis Hotels: The Sleep Art Robot

2. October 2012


We’ve seen a whole bunch of robots over the last year, most notably the street art robot car from Chevvy Sonic… And now we have the Sleep Art Robot from Ibis Hotels, which transforms your sleeping patterns into physical ones in the form of real art, paint on canvas. The robot uses movement, sound and [...]

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Coca-Cola: The Happiness Table

23. September 2012


Here’s another ‘Happiness’ stunt in Coca-Cola’s growing line of experiential/ambient activations. This time created out of a Coca-Cola truck that transforms into a community dinner party with a seemingly weird mechanical drink delivery mechanism… They grabbed a famous chef, headed to a beautiful village in Naples and unveiled a semi fine dining experience for anyone [...]

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QR Code Beer Bottles Made for Singles

15. September 2012


Here’s something a little different from a bar in Singapore… A new way for singles to meet at the bar, powered anonymously via QR codes connected to beer bottles! If you can get past the slightly cheesy demo video, you’ll see that customers buy a beer, scan the QR code to get the app and [...]

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Volkswagen Up: A Scream Powered Olympic Car

28. July 2012


For Dutch people wanting to score tickets to the London Olympics to cheer their country, here’s your best chance yet with “Up! Holland Up!”. Volkswagen have created a sound/scream powered car and are giving you the chance to post your fastest 100m sprint time for the chance to win tickets. Volkswagen have removed the all [...]

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Audi City: Digital Car Showroom of The Future

23. July 2012


The new Audi City ‘Digital Showroom’ has been around for a few days now, but weirdly hasn’t had the traction I expected it to get with just over 10,000 views on YouTube so far. But when you do look at this, it’s brilliant, a new form of retail experience for a car brand, one that [...]

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Goertz: The Augmented Reality Shoe Store

21. July 2012


How does a German online shoe store grab some attention in the real world? Well, a virtual shoe fitting installation makes sense right? Yep, here it is, the Virtual Shoe Fitting Store from Goertz, an Augmented Reality, Microsoft Kinect powered installation that is plugged into a giant screen, then rolled out as virtual shoe stores [...]

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LEGO Star Wars: Builders of Sound Installation

10. July 2012


LEGO and Star Wars fans will love this. I saw this on an award board at Cannes this year and thought it was a genius idea, and the LEGO ‘Builders of Sound’ installation that celebrates the first 3D episode of Star Wars literally is. Comprised of a huge barrel organ containing over 20,000 individual LEGO [...]

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Delite-O-Matic: The Ultimate Sampling Machine

8. July 2012


This has to be one of the very best vending machines I’ve ever seen. And trust me, I’d know, I’ve got somewhat of a vending machine posting fetish, some sort of modern-retro-coolness kinda of crush on these things, and the near limitless ideas they can spawn. And here, in Australia, comes the Delite-O-Matic, a seemingly [...]

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