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Stats: Age Distribution On Social Networks

3. March 2010


I’m in a bit of a statistical mood this week and have been hunting down all sorts of charts to keep my sanity in order, and this chart is an absolute winner. It shows (by percentage) the average age demographics and distribution across all the major social networks. We often get people talking about how [...]

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Google: Interesting Facts & Figures

2. March 2010


I think this a pretty cool chart (by Pingdom) for anyone who takes an interest in Google, and while there is nothing groundbreaking here, it’s a great compilation of key Google Facts & Figures that tick along month after month, with some that you probably didn’t know (and now do!).

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Statistics: The State Of The Internet Video

1. March 2010


This video by Jesse Thomas is getting some serious attention since being launched on Vimeo last week. The format is simple, a great combination of animation meets statistical visualisation to showcase some of the most recently released stats on the state of the internet. It provides us with some great insight into what’s going on [...]

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Microsoft: Augmented-Reality Maps

18. February 2010

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I guess everyone knows TED Conferences, remarkable speakers from around the world talks about new technologies, future of entertainment, design, science and global issues. Two days ago I watched a video from TED 2010, Blaise Aguera y Arcas from Microsoft Live Labs has an impressive talk about their new technology: Augmented-Reality Maps. This technology creates [...]

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JWT: 100 Things To Watch In 2010

7. February 2010

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Global trend expert Ann Mack from JWT Intelligence has predicted the Top 100 things that you should watch out for in 2010. Its a great trend report fullfilled with interesting insights and covers a lot of trend topics like: “3D at home”, “Paying for online content”, “Organic fast food” and much more.

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PwC: 13th Annual Global CEO Survey

27. January 2010


PwC released their inspirational 13th Annual Global CEO Survey. Its a great source for advertisers, marketers, managers and much more. You can find a lot of valuable content such as industries insights, CEO interviews, short-long term strategies… You can check out or download the survey here.

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Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Report 2009

30. November 2009


This presentation contains the FEED highlights from the Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Report 2009 edition, it’s also the presentation Garrick Schmitt is giving in his Webinars. FEED is Razorfish?s annual study charting how technology is changing the way consumers engage with brands and is a MUST read for every single marketer! So what did they find [...]

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Fluent: Razorfish Social Influence Marketing Report

14. July 2009


Razorfish releases another amazing report about social influence marketing. It?s an inspiring and great read, below are just a few key topics from the report: ? The Razorfish Social Influence Survey, which unearths the importance of social media ininfluencing purchase decisions. ? A feature on how social media is becoming both a paid and unpaid [...]

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An Internet Watered Down Presentation

19. April 2009


Razorfish interaction designer John Pettengill prepared a new presentation about, ”How our idea of The Mobile Web is flawed?” and ”What should we do for its future?” Easy to read and filled with great insights, thanks John. Its an amazing presentation and well work the 120 slides! Enjoy.

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Email Marketing Benchmark Report 2009

18. March 2009

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Returnity has just released it’s Email Marketing Benchmark Report for 2009, the report provides insight, advice and benchmarking statistics regarding email marketing in Australia, for agencies & marketing managers. The Email Marketing Report for 2009 has been based on data  from nearly 100 million emails, 12,000 campaigns, 450 clients and 18 industry segments… So you [...]

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Razorfish: Digital Outlook Report 2009

11. March 2009


It’s here again, Razorfish has released Digital Outlook Report 09; their 5th annual report reveals the key digital trends, strategies and what to look out for throughout 2009. It’s an inspiring read, below are just a few key items from the report: ? Razorfish CEO Clark Kokich on ?From Breaking Campaigns to Building Client Businesses??? ? Shiv Singh on ?Trends In Social Influence Marketing??? [...]

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Carnival Hammer iPhone App

9. March 2009

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I think it’s about time I added an iPhone App category to Digital Buzz, and to kick it off with a celebration here is the “Carnival Hammer iPhone App” possibly a future cult iPhone app in the making, well, just until a few too many people smash their iPhones anyway! Trading off the popularity of the Wii’s [...]

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