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Honda and Youtube do interactive video right

3. November 2014


While ‘interactive video’ is an idea that we’ve seen before, this recent campaign from Honda is exceptionally executed. What’s makes it so impressive is its shocking simplicity and how ultimately the interactivity is so vital in making the experience special. These two stories wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without the interactivity, which isn’t superfluous like [...]

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EA Sports ‘Madden NFL GIFERATOR’ Ad Engine

15. October 2014


As GIF’s continue to ramp up in popularity across the interweb, brands and entertainment companies are starting to realise the value in a GIF, particularly when they fall into the customisable, almost meme generator type scenario. And when you take that to sport, what do you get? Awesomeness… EA Sports has launched the ‘Madden GIFERATOR’. [...]

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British Airways: Plane Detecting Billboards

21. November 2013


In a claimed world first campaign, the new British Airways #LookUp billboards in Piccadilly Circus, have some pretty cool tech behind them, allowing a simple, yet very effective story to be told. And as British Airways planes fly over the ClearChannel digital outdoor sites through the Heathrow flight path, they trigger advertising creative showing real-time [...]

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Intel Discovered: An Xbox Kinect Advergame

5. November 2012


There seems to be a growing trend towards advergames developed specifically for the Xbox marketplace as a new way to connect with consumers in a medium that amplifies engagement and can directly reward participation, all in an environment where people are ready to play! So look out for a rush of big brand advergames coming [...]

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Volkswagen “The Original Click” YouTube Ads

24. May 2012


Here’s a really simple, but suitably smart digital media buy from Volkswagen, attempting to warn people not to stand for imitation Volkswagen parts. To do this, Volkswagen bought YouTube ads across popular videos that were imitations of great ones, and served them with an ad saying “Don’t accept Imitations. Prefer Original Parts” which would click [...]

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Call of Duty: Quadrocopter Machine Gun Video

30. April 2012


Here is a great piece of social outreach from Call of Duty in anticipation of the next instalment of the mega game franchise, which is due out this week… Tapping into perhaps the most famous gun blogger on YouTube, FPSRussia (who, with his almost 2.5 million subscribers seems to get his hands on literally every [...]

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Scrabble Battle “Captcha” Banner Campaign

1. April 2012


Here is a really smart piece of digital work for the 21st Annual Scrabble Championship held in the Gulf. Scrabble started hijacking the “Captcha” graphic on popular gaming sites and turning it into a real scrabble challenge. And people who could crack the Scrabble Captcha were presented with a banner inviting them to register for [...]

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The Sound Of Amnesty: Shazam Driven Petitions

22. January 2012


Charity and Human Rights organisations provide agencies with the chance to really think differently, push boundaries and innovate. But it doesn’t always happen that way… So I was really glad to see this smart campaign for Amnesty International, called “The Sound of Amnesty”. It started like any other petition drive, but this time each digital [...]

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GagaVille: Lady Gaga’s FarmVille Campaign

22. May 2011


We know Zynga won’t redirect developers to co-opp deals that don’t generate anything less than tens of millions of dollars in quick time, so I’d love to know how much Lady Gaga’s label is forking out for this campaign promoting her new Born This Way album! Any guesses? GagaVille is a promotional game inside FarmVille [...]

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What Are Your Thoughts On Virtual Goods?

8. December 2010


This is a pretty random article post (particularly¬†the video!), but I’d really love to hear your thoughts on the world of virtual gifts. I was stunned to read an article on Mashable tonight about a social game called “Pet Society” that sells over 90 million virtual gifts a day, that translates to over 30 billion [...]

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