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Slideshare: Most Contagious 2010 Pres

13. December 2010


Well it’s here again. Most Contagious 2010 is out and you can check out the slideshare presentation here. It’s been a huge year for creative, even more so for digital, and you’ll probably notice a direct correlation between a lot of what I’ve been posting here on digital buzz, and what made the Most Contagious [...]

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Google Zeitgeist 2010: The Year In Search

12. December 2010


For anyone interested in search, you’ve got to check out the Google Zeitgeist data showcasing the biggest things in search through 2010. This year, they’ve taken the Google Zeitgeist to a whole new level, with a great video and interactive data visualization to complement the insights search data that spans across everything from general search, to sports, [...]

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Statistics: The Growth Of Mobile Into 2011

21. November 2010


I thought we might kick the week off with a quick video on the growth of mobile into 2011, it’s nothing revolutionary, but you’ll enjoy the statistical round up explaining exactly how big mobile has grown (not that you didn’t already have a pretty good idea!). A few of the key take outs from the [...]

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Influencers: How Trends Become Contagious

10. November 2010


This is a really nice short film from R+I Creative that documents how trends and creativity can become contagious in the real world. From music to fashion and entertainment to advertising. The film attempts to understand the essence of influence, what makes a person influential and all without taking a statistical or metric approach! Written [...]

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Wave Report 2010: The Socialisation Of Brands

31. October 2010


Universal McCann has has released their 5th Social WAVE report with almost 40,000 respondents globally. The report focus on how the growth in social media is opening avenues never seen before by brands, and show insights on how brands can look to use social to it’s maximum potential. Contagious Magazine pulled out a few of the key points, but [...]

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Google Creative Labs: The Creative Internet

14. October 2010


Here is an interesting presentation from Google Creative Labs. They collected the most recent inspirational ideas and web projects in this document (119 pages). It gathers a lot of different topics (advertising, history, politics, sport, art.. ) under one main roof; creativity. You can view fullscreen here.

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Coca-Cola: ‘Fans First’ Approach in Social Communities

16. February 2010


Yesterday, when I was googling about big brands on social media, I found “Coca-Cola: ‘Fans First’ Approach in Social Communities” presentation by Michael Donnelly. He is the group director of worldwide interactive marketing for Coca-Cola and created this insightful presentation for the iStrategy2010 conference.

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PwC: 13th Annual Global CEO Survey

27. January 2010


PwC released their inspirational 13th Annual Global CEO Survey. Its a great source for advertisers, marketers, managers and much more. You can find a lot of valuable content such as industries insights, CEO interviews, short-long term strategies… You can check out or download the survey here.

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Razorfish: Social Influence Marketing Trends

26. January 2010


Shiv Singh from Razorfish has created (and shared!) a great presentation on the value of social media as part of a combined marketing approach. Shiv calls it Social Influence Marketing, which when you get right down to it, is an approaching to marketing by including customers in the processes. Check it out on SlideShare!

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Fluent: Razorfish Social Influence Marketing Report

14. July 2009


Razorfish releases another amazing report about social influence marketing. It?s an inspiring and great read, below are just a few key topics from the report: ? The Razorfish Social Influence Survey, which unearths the importance of social media ininfluencing purchase decisions. ? A feature on how social media is becoming both a paid and unpaid [...]

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The Brand Gap Presentation

6. April 2009


I stumbled across this presentation on Slideshare, while it’s long at 160 slides, it’s well worth the read if you’re even remotely interested in branding or brand building. But while I’m talking about Slideshare, don’t you think there should be a voice over with their presentations? There are so many great presentations that I’d kill to hear [...]

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How to build brand “YOU” online?

30. March 2009


I found this little presentation on how to build your personal brand online over at digital tip. It’s a neat little pres highlighting brand engagement in the socialsphere, along with an overview on how to build a personal brand online. Building a personal brand is perhaps one of the most important things to do online though your [...]

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Razorfish: Digital Outlook Report 2009

11. March 2009


It’s here again, Razorfish has released Digital Outlook Report 09; their 5th annual report reveals the key digital trends, strategies and what to look out for throughout 2009. It’s an inspiring read, below are just a few key items from the report: ? Razorfish CEO Clark Kokich on ?From Breaking Campaigns to Building Client Businesses??? ? Shiv Singh on ?Trends In Social Influence Marketing??? [...]

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Carnival Hammer iPhone App

9. March 2009

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I think it’s about time I added an iPhone App category to Digital Buzz, and to kick it off with a celebration here is the “Carnival Hammer iPhone App” possibly a future cult iPhone app in the making, well, just until a few too many people smash their iPhones anyway! Trading off the popularity of the Wii’s [...]

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