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Sony Pictures’s DVD Amnesty: Case Study

14. June 2011


Sony Pictures were looking for a way to encourage people to update their movie collection and buy new DVDs, a hard job in a dying market. Iris, Sydney came up with a fun solution with ‘The Great DVD Amnesty’, people could trade in their old, unwanted DVDs and get $5 cash back, thus freeing up [...]

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If I Die: Facebook App Posts A Final Goodbye

19. May 2011


I’m guilty of not posting about this sooner! I was playing a round of golf for a charity event about a month back, when after lunch, the club reception said they had a phone call for me… The person on the other end? Death… supposedly! I thought that was pretty weird… They had tracked me [...]

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Facebook Blood Groups: Emergency Donations

18. May 2011


Facebook groups?! I can already here you saying it… Well, they might actually still be relevant for something, and here is a really simple, really smart campaign that helps demonstrate just that. It’s called Facebook Blood Groups, a campaign aimed at acquiring group members based on blood type, so that when the government’s NATAL trauma [...]

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Nike Shout: Game Day Social Installation

17. May 2011


This digital/social installation goes back a few months now, but a lot of you guys might not have had the chance to see it, with the campaign created out of Asia by Ogilvy Singapore. Nike Shout was a social installation designed to give fans a real voice, in real-time, on game day. With fans submitting [...]

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The Vodafone Pixel Hunt

13. May 2011


This was a great little promo for Vodafone’s release of the LG Optimus in Germany, created to help highlight the quality of the 5 mega pixel camera. The promotion was called the Vodafone Pixel Hunt, and was based around an online game that held a 5 Million Pixel image that just happened to be holding [...]

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Volkswagen Fox: Twitter Zoom Campaign

2. March 2011


Volkswagen Brazil recently sponsored the biggest music festival in Sao Paulo, the (sold out) Planeta Terra Festival, where they decided to promote their coolest young car, the Fox, through a seriously good mashup of Twitter, Google maps and real world prize locations. Volkswagen hid secret tickets across the entire city, and then displayed them on [...]

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Barbie & Ken Get Social

13. February 2011


With the arrival of Valentine’s Day it seemed appropriate to mention the digital campaign that Mattel have recently launched. I’m imaging that the majority of you won’t be Barbie and Ken fans however it’s hard to ignore the clever use of social channels in this fun and well integrated campaign. The world’s largest toy company [...]

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Burgeranch Combina: The HACK Campaign

26. January 2011


Here is a pretty interesting way of generating campaign engagement. Burgeranch, an Israeli fast food chain launched a new burger deal called “combina” which basically means “outsmarting the system” with the burger deal giving you a whole lot more food for less money. So the campaign to launch the burger deal, followed on the “combina” [...]

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Lacta Chocolate: Facebook Campaign Case Study

19. January 2011


There is a reason some Facebook apps generate hundreds of thousands of fans while others just flop. Generally, success comes down to a few key things… Simplicity, Shareability and Insight. Most apps should be seriously simple, 3-4 steps, clear instructions, engaging graphics, big punchy buttons and great copy. Then they need to have the right Shareability, and [...]

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Polar Beer: The $100,000 Team Challenge

10. January 2011


Here is very cool campaign for Polar Beer by the guys at AlmapBBDO in Brazil. Rio Grande do Sul is the birthplace of Polar Beer, it also just happens to have two of Brazil’s most competitive soccer teams; arch rivals “Internacional” and “Grêmio”, so what would a beer brand do? Alienate one fan base by [...]

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KLM’s Passenger Social Surprise Experiment

5. January 2011


Remember how great it felt the first time you got a social response from a brand you love or business you deal with? All the good will generated by their speedy response? Well, KLM decided to run an experiment with it’s social community, for people who check in via foursquare for flights or tweet about waiting to board [...]

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Leo Burnett’s “David On Demand” Case Study

19. December 2010


Remember Leo Burnett’s “David On Demand” social experiment at Cannes this year? Well, here is the case study video that captures exactly what happened with David On Demand at the 2010 Cannes Lions Advertising Festival. For those who didn’t see it, “David On Demand” was created as a social experiment to promote Leo Burnett’s Wildfire conference at [...]

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Ford Fiesta: Twitter Pre-Launch Case Study

22. November 2010


Twitter is only really just taking off in Agrentina and Wunderman Buenos Aires managed to convince Ford to do the pre-launch campaign on Twitter, with great success. The idea was to give the most followed twitterer in Argentina, the one and only new Ford Fiesta available in the country, with the condition that he drive [...]

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Samsung SuperSwypers Campaign Case Study

1. November 2010


Not sure if you guys got to see this Samsung Galaxy S campaign from a few months back in Holland? If not, here is the case study video! Muse Amsterdam & Starcom created a campaign called SuperSwypers, a crack team of roving personal reporters who saved the day for hundreds of people as summer took [...]

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Volkswagen: Live Test Drive Case Study

27. October 2010


AlmapBBDO Brazil created a neat interactive meets experiential campaign earlier this year for Volkswagen’s new Amarok (most of you guys will have seen this campaign?). Essentially the idea was to create a virtual test drive that people could experience live from their home or office. So, they setup a huge outdoor test track, along with [...]

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Old Spice Social Campaign Case Study Video

11. August 2010


Well here it is. The Old Spice Social Campaign Case Study from WK. To save the judges some time this year, I’d suggest sending the pencils, lions, grand pix’ and the like straight to the WK head office in an overnight express bag, no need for a tracking code, everyone know’s who those awards will belong [...]

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Breast Cancer “Magic Boobs” Case Study

19. July 2010


Digital is unique in the fact you can create almost anything, anywhere. So for this Polish Breast Cancer awareness campaign, Change Integrated devised something a little different around an insight into making breast cancer detection methods fun to learn, for men! So in the adult section of one of the most popular polish websites, they placed a very smart [...]

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VW Fun Theory: Cyber Grand Prix Case Study

5. July 2010


By now you would have heard that Volkswagen’s “The Fun Theory” won the Cannes Cyber Grand Prix for a digitally led integrated campaign, it won along side Nike’s “Chalk Bot” who took out the award for the other digital solutions / digital channels category in the Cyber section. The Fun Theory was all about generating [...]

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Cannes Cyber Favourite: Nike Chalkbot

23. June 2010


The Nike Chalkbot campaign is hot favorite to win the Cannes Cyber Grand Prix and watching this case study really backs that up! Most of you would remember Chalkbot from the 2009 Tour de France, travelling ahead of the pack, Chalkbot posted over 36,000 user generated messages and helped raise $4 million over the event with a [...]

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Twentythree Vs. Alex Bogusky Case Study

14. June 2010

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This is the very first Cannes entry for TwentyThree, a little hot shop over in Israel that was made famous by hijacking Alex Bogusky’ Facebook page and posting a ransom video requiring him to buy 1% of their agency! And on the back of some pretty serious free publicity the world over, they’ve entered this case study into Cannes [...]

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