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IdeaWorks: Live Streaming Xmas Contraption

19. December 2011


Every year most agencies take the liberty to do something a little different for Christmas. Well, here in Sydney, Australia, we did too, and this is our Live Streaming Christmas Contraption! At its heart, the Christmas contraption is a physical installation utilising a combination of live streaming servers to broadcast real-time interactions with Christmas decorations [...]

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Heineken: Super Social Christmas Tree

11. December 2011


Keep an eye out for the Heineken Super Social Christmas Tree in Clarke Quay, Singapore, from the 17th-26th of December. It’s a huge digital art installation that’s over 11 meters tall and stacked with 48 huge LCD screens, that will become perhaps the most social Christmas tree ever created! If you head to the Facebook [...]

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Deck the Screens: Multi Device Light Strings

10. December 2011


The Xmas Card war is heating up again in 2011, we’ve already posted some really innovative pieces, and this one called “Deck The Screens” from Deeplocal is every bit as good, and I can see it creating mass agency Christmas light strings here in Sydney, and around the world. Basically, the app lets you string [...]

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Feel-O-Meter: Live Mood Tracking Installation

28. November 2011

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One of the newest challenges in digital is the potential to pull real life emotion and feelings into our campaigns. But how do you really do that? How is it represented? You’ll probably remember seeing the Kraft Smile Tagging App, or the Prigat real time smile stations and Unilever’s Smile Activated Ice Cream from Cannes… [...]

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Prisma 1666: Interactive Light Installation

16. November 2011


Remember the famous light refraction experiment in 1666 by Sir Isaac Newton? Ok, I don’t either… but it’s widely considered as a landmark discovery in the study of optics and color theory, which I’m sure we are all pretty thankful for! The Prisma 1666 experiment is an interactive light installation made of 15 triangular crystal [...]

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Nike Jordan Melo: Water Projection Mapping

26. October 2011


Nike is doing something a little different with projection mapping for the new Jordan Melo M8 shoe, this time throwing in water, in fact the whole thing is projected onto water fountains, which perfectly complement the movement and desired effects to create something pretty special for your eyes… Sure, there isn’t any interactivity as we’ve [...]

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Multi-Touch Wall of World Cup History

18. October 2011

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Here is a pretty cool multi-touch installation for the Football World Cup 2018 Organising Committee in Russia. It features 8 round, multi-touch digital displays mounted into an 18 meter long wall. Each multi-touch display runs an individual app on the history of previous World Cups. With the upcoming 2014 (Brazil) and 2018 (Russia) sections having [...]

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Light Painting: The Volkswagen Art Heist

13. October 2011


Here is a beautiful ambient meets social campaign for the new Volkswagen Jetta GLI in Canada where they’ve created a series of pop-up art galleries that feature “Light Paintings” made by the movement of the Volkswagen Jetta. Framed, installed and then left for the public to find (and take home for free) the light paintings [...]

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Newcastle Brown Ale: Shadow Art Installation

14. August 2011


Check out this creative billboard from Newcastle Brown Ale. Debuted in the Gaslamp district in San Diego from now until the end of September this shadow art installation represents the brand’s tag line “The lighter side of dark”. San Diego based agency Vitro created this shadow art installation using 3000 real-life Newcastle Brown Ale bottle [...]

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