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Destiny 2: An Amazon Alexa Gaming Wingman

6. December 2017


So “Destiny 2″ has it’s own Alexa Skill. A Ghost Skill if you will… that is embedded into Amazon Alexa devices, to give players some help from the famous A.I. assistant, synced and integrated directly into the game in real time. The Ghost Skill enables a series of brand new ways to interact with the [...]

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Google’s New Cardboard “Google Home” Kits

7. May 2017


Don’t have a Google Home yet? Don’t worry, you can build one yourself with Google’s new AIY kit projects that have just launched, the first being a replica “Google Home” made with Raspberry Pi. The DIY Cardboard Kit connects you to the Google Assistant SDK, and the Google Cloud Speech API as part of the [...]

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Introducing Jarvis AI by Mark Zuckerberg

22. December 2016


So Mark Zuckerberg made it. After promising to build a Home AI system, we’ve been introduced to “Jarvis AI”, his personal home assistant with the voice played by none other than Morgan Freeman, and surely he’s the world’s best voice?! Jarvis is connected to pretty much everything in his house. Lights, toaster, air-conditioning, FB messenger, [...]

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Introducing Gatebox: A Virtual Home Robot

18. December 2016

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The world of AI is coming, and with it… Some weird and wonderful things, like Gatebox, a new virtual home robot that is part IOT, part Chatbot, part Robot girlfriend? Specifically designed for people who live by themselves in Japan, so you can be “Living together with your favorite character” as quoted on their site. [...]

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Google Ai Experiments: Giorgio Cam!

27. November 2016


This is Giorgio Cam. An AI Machine Learning powered experiment from Google, that turns real-world objects into music made with your phone just by taking a picture. It uses image recognition to label what it sees, then it turns those labels into lyrics of a song. Fun right? Made in Google’s Creative Lab using MaryTTS, [...]

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Google Ai Experiments: Quick Draw!

20. November 2016


With machine learning becoming central to most business plans, Google is out there showcasing just how good they can be at Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, even on this simple, fun scale, to ensure everyone knows they are in the box seat. This week I’ll showcase the range of experiments they have going on, with [...]

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