Case study: Standard Charted’s Facebook Game

Thu, Feb 17, 2011
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Standard Chartered Bank embraced social media with a campaign in the United Arab Emirates. In order cut through the clutter of Ramadan advertising they turned to Facebook to create an engaging and interactive campaign.
The Idea is based around the traditional ‘Majlis’ (Ramadan tent) where family and friends gather during this time. My Majlis is a Facebook game that replicates the experience and social aspects of the real life place in a virtual setting.

Fans are able to create their own ‘Majlis’ or tent, purchase furniture, decorate and invite guests to visit, all using Standard Chartered credit cards. Each of these steps have been designed to optimise Facebook’s share features to increase the potential reach of the campaign.

In just 4 weeks, more than 15,277 fans played My Majlis, on average spending over 7 minutes per visit playing the game. This campaign has demonstrated that Standard Chartered Bank are willing to step away from traditional marketing and offer a more engaging experience for their audience.

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