Cartoon Network: Augmented Reality Show

Wed, Jun 1, 2011
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Here’s an augmented reality show for kids, brought to you by Proje Calide, an Interactive Agency based in Istanbul. As part of a global re-brand the kids channel Cartoon Network introduced a new look to their users. Cartoon Network Turkey tasked Proje Calide to create and manage all of their interactive properties including their website. Proje Calide designed and built the site to be a gaming based social network for children.

To promote the launch of this new site an interactive augmented reality show for kids was developed and showcased. The show took place in a crowded mall and kids transformed into Cartoon Network’s characters and blasted meteors falling into the shopping mall. Transformed kid heroes who were struggling to save the mall from the bad character experienced a stunning virtual reality show.

It’s great to see Cartoon Network utilising augmented reality to promote the new site and to get kids interacting with their brand. Would you like to see more campaigns like this?

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