Carlsberg “Unbottle Yourself” Campaign App

Tue, Mar 29, 2011
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Carlsberg is on a mission to unbottle an entire nation, the problem is, that nation is Sweden, supposedly one of the most reserved nations in the world. So, Carlsberg have created a campaign called “Unbottle Yourself” an iPhone app that has 500 challenges to help get more out of people.

Starting in the 5th of April 2011, the app is open for people to start completing challenges, all 500 of them are required to become one of 10 finalists who have a chance to win the ultimate party in Hong Kong. Along the way you can tick off “gold” challenges that have instant rewards (like iPad2′s) if you are the first to complete them, submit the photo/video evidence, and have the Carlsberg social team approve your challenge. Check out the campaign site here. (created by Åkestam Holst)

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