Cannes Cyber Favourite: Nike Chalkbot

Wed, Jun 23, 2010
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The Nike Chalkbot campaign is hot favorite to win the Cannes Cyber Grand Prix and watching this case study really backs that up! Most of you would remember Chalkbot from the 2009 Tour de France, travelling ahead of the pack, Chalkbot posted over 36,000 user generated messages and helped raise $4 million over the event with a 46% sales increase for Livestrong!

Users submitted 40 character messages by SMS, Twitter, Web Banners and the Nike Livestrong website. Each message would be send to the Chalkbot, printed on a section of the course, instantly photographed, tagged with GPS coordinates and then emailed to the person who submitted it. I think this still has to be one of the best event campaigns I’ve ever seen, but the current issue in Cannes is if this fits into the Cyber category or the new Grand Prix for Good category.

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