Social Engagement Gaming: Call of Duty Elite

Sun, Jun 5, 2011
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This is a great way to showcase the new upcoming Call of Duty: Elite, which has been developed to unite the community of Call of Duty players. In a fun trailer, Comedian TJ Miller narrates this introductory video as a gamer ‘The Legend of Karl’ who takes the viewer on a tour of the game, commentating through the new features.

This release is the latest offering from DOJO for Activision and will offer a whole new social engagement aspect to players worldwide. During the video Call of Duty Elite is referred to as “If organised sports and social networking had a baby and that baby was given a flame thrower”. Multiple players will be able to connect and compete with each other using social networks like Facebook. They’ll be able to share films of their game play and access all of this via tablets, smartphone and PCs.

With this new engagement offering players can improve their skills using an online dynamic strategy guide that acts like a personal coach, tracking statistics and performances. Gamers can experience the Beta for Elite soon on Call of Duty: Black Ops prior to it’s launch in November with the worldwide release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

It’s an interesting development in the world of gaming. Are you keen to give it a go?

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