Burger King: King Of The Road

Mon, Nov 15, 2010
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CP+B have teamed up two of their clients in Microsoft and Burger King to create a campaign called King Of The Road, where they’ve sent the king on a 28 day (content creation) mission to deliver almost 3,000 Microsoft Kinect packs through everything from scavenger hunts in NYC to straight up giveaways to people who buy burgers in random towns, every 15 minutes.

They’ve decked out the royal bus that drives the king, plus an entire CP+B crew who are developing BK content non-stop for the entire trip. The crew create daily videos for YouTube, blog posts on Tumblr, a variety of tweets, foursquare check-ins, Facebook updates, Flickr photos, and even a little big of Stickybits action. More than anything, this campaign is about developing social content!

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