Brizzly does Twitter better than Twitter

Fri, Aug 7, 2009
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If there were awards for the cutest logo – Brizzly would win hands down. The little bear in the bird suit is one of the best mascots for a web application I’ve seen since the MailChimp.

But Brizzly is more than just cute, Thing Labs have brought the powerful ideas and features that make web applications like Google Reader so good at sorting and searching mountains of RSS feeds easily and have applied them to the Twitter firehose of data.

And this is no coincidence. The creators of Brizzly are ex-Googlers Chris Wetherell and Jason Shellen, both of whom were part of the Google Reader team.

Even in its current state as a closed beta, Brizzly brings the awesome with some truly killer features;

  • embedding of linked pictures and video into your Twitter stream (this will ruin you for other clients, once you have experienced this, you can’t go back)
  • shortened URL’s in tweets are converted to their full address so you know where they lead to
  • grouping of your followers
  • explanations of trending topics
  • save your draft tweets
  • operate multiple Twitter accounts within your Brizzly account
  • instant messaging like direct message alerts
  • show new tweets since you were last reading
  • keyboard shortcuts (which are conveniently the same as the Reader shortcuts)

Put simply, Brizzly in its unfinished state is doing Twitter better than Twitter.

And this is just the first step for Brizzly. Word is that they are looking at expanding to support Facebook and other social networks, developing mobile interfaces and maybe even an iPhone app.

If there was ever a contender for pushing Tweetie off the perch as my favourite Twitter client, the little bear in the bird suit would be it. If you want to try out Brizzly for yourself, sign up for an invitation at


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