Breast Cancer “Magic Boobs” Case Study

Mon, Jul 19, 2010
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Digital is unique in the fact you can create almost anything, anywhere. So for this Polish Breast Cancer awareness campaign, Change Integrated devised something a little different around an insight into making breast cancer detection methods fun to learn, for men!

So in the adult section of one of the most popular polish websites, they placed a very smart piece of digital creativity that allowed men to touch the items at hand and learn the correct techniques of breast cancer detection in a very interactive way.

The campaign was live for just one week and remarkably, managed to train over 175,000 men! This is a seriously smart collaboration between the media buyers and owners, in what wouldn’t be a normal ad space, it’s the sort of thing I wish we’d see more of (buying/creating new digital media space) around the world, because every time we see a case study containing unique media buys like this, they almost always  showcase some of the best results. (via Banner Blog)

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