BIG W Online Photo Competition

Tue, Apr 14, 2009
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big w pets photo compeition campaign
Rarely do I self promote, but today we launched an online competition for BIG W called Top Dogs & Cool Cats. It’s a great little flash application where users upload a photo of their dog or cat, share it with a stack of people and hope to get enough votes to stay in the top 10…

For BIG W this is a great leap forward, as they are traditionally a very brochure focused business, but over the last 12 months have really started adopting digital, through lots of SEO, SEM, Banners, Pre-Orders, Lead Gen, Animation and the like… The best part is not only are they adopting digital, they are thriving on the results, and demanding more, which is unfortunately a little rare with larger retailers!

So launching an online photo competition/microsite for them is a great move, and just the beginning of some amazing initiatives you’ll see over the ensuing 12 months. But back to that self promotion, I’m hoping you’ll click here to vote for my dog Mistie (a very cute little beagle!), and then upload your own for your chance to win gift vouchers! Or just check out the site here.

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