BFA: Like Twitter For Good Deeds!

Mon, Oct 26, 2009
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What’s the most awesome thing you’ve done recently? So it’s something good right, but did you get any recognition for it?! Well a new social startup is riding on the fact that people want to brag about how good they’ve been, or at least tell the world! Instead of reading tweets about “boring” things like “leaving for work” BFA – known as – Be F$%#ing Awesome – is setting out to inspire people to be better – and wants you posting things like “took the day off work to be with my kids so the wife can have a break”…

Then, the community can vote on the awesomeness of that deed… Ok, so I’ve not really a clue what the hell they are up to, but it’s a very interesting concept. They launched 4 weeks ago and have about 1400 members so far. I’m thinking there just might be a market for people who want to get their good deeds off their chest and gather some kind of communal “congratulations” for it?

Not sure how they’ll go – or even if it’s real - Click here to check out the site!

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