Best Job In The World: Campaign Results

Sun, Feb 8, 2009
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Best Job In The World: Viral Campaign Results & Social Media Results
The best job in the world now has some definitive social media and viral campaign results filtering though, and they quite literally are off the charts. By now, everyone has seen or heard about the Island Reef Job Campaign by Tourism Queensland, it’s been every where, with the campaign being incredibly well executed across Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and website.

Tourism Queensland was looking for 400,000 new website visitors over the campaign and enough applications to draw solid media attention, but that forecast was looking thin after the website had over 200,000 new visitors on the very first day of the campaign. While the website crashed from the traffic volume on a few occasions, it didn’t stop over 2.5 million people viewing the campaign website so far, while generating over 11,000 (one minute video) entries in just a few short weeks. While on the social media scale, the best job in the world campaign has been posted about on over 1500 blogs around the globe. So if you need a job, apply here, you’ve got 2 weeks to left!

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