belVita: The Morning Win TrophyBot

Tue, Feb 4, 2014
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A little random, a little refreshing. belVita is a breakfast biscuit that gives you steady energy in the morning. So what comes out of that? A twitter campaign of course, designed to give people custom 3D printed trophies for the little things they do in the morning. The call them #MorningWin moments.

The best tweets to #morningwin will be selected. The actions described in the best tweets will then be recreated by actors in a Manhattan storefront while a 3D scanner captures the scene. A 3D print of each seemingly mundane task will then be created and placed on a trophy, which will be immediately mailed to the winning tweeter, congratulating them on a job well done. Other great tweets to #morningwin will receive virtual 3D trophies to be displayed on their phones.

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