Bavaria Spoof On Heineken Walk In Fridge

Sun, Mar 1, 2009
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Hey Digital Buzzers, it was a little quiet last week while I took a weeks holiday up on the Gold Coast, but I’m back and will have a stack of great things to post about as I catch up on a lot of reading this week, so to start it off, check out this Spoof Ad from Bavaria Beer, these guys are unashamedly the first real business to poke some fun at the Heineken Walk In Fridge Ad that has rocketed to mega viral fame this year. The Bavaria Spoof Ad is a pretty smart little stunt, but perhaps it’s not a great move by spoofing this ad on TV?! (yes, they launched this on TV) Leaking it to a range of great video websites; perfect, throwing it on TV; probably doesn’t work in my mind, but hey that’s pretty bold and I did laugh the first and second time I watched it. Would love to hear your thoughts on this type of campaign move? Has this sort of thing been done before?

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