Bank Run: Interactive Movie + iPhone App

Thu, Mar 4, 2010
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This is an interesting new digital concept from SilkTricky (a digital content agency) where they’ve created a combination of interactive movie that meets an iPhone app game to complete the story! It’s called Bank Run (you can start watching here) and empowers you to control the short film’s direction online, once you’ve watched that part, you’re prompted to buy their $2 iPhone app which contains the remainder of the interactive movie along with a complete iPhone “Bank Run” game to continue playing!

Originally this was meant just to be an iPhone app, but SilkTricky expanded the movie to be placed online, allowing the “hook” to be easily found and shared before people jumped into the iTunes store to purchase.

I think it’s a pretty smart play, for a pretty cool app. Why just push it into the app store when you can still generate so much more buzz online without locking the entire piece of content into iTunes? I’m guessing the conversion rate of free-interactive-video-hook to iTunes app purchase is pretty good!

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