Bacardi True Originals Facebook Fail?

Mon, Aug 2, 2010
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Maybe it’s because I’ve had a seriously long day, but this ongoing webisode series on Facebook from Bacardi called True Originals has just completely disappointed me, in fact using these videos as a Facebook campaign is a clear and epic fail on a number of levels. But first, let’s look at these amazing short films where a mysterious character seems to be searching for the worlds best bar tender, challenging them to re-produce simple classics before (if they succeed) paying with what looks like a special chip that would gain you access to an exclusive competition or event.

The films are fantastic, they completely sucked me in, but that’s not what I’m upset about, it’s the end result that left me annoyed, I wanted so much more but I got a whole lot of nothing from what was a powerful idea! Each video closes with a sign off to which re-directs you to their Facebook page where I expected an app or recruitment challenge for the worlds best bar tenders that could be played out socially in a number of exciting ways, instead, I get links to 4 previous webisodes created over the last 12 months, all while being greeted by a paltry 1,000 fans.

That 1000 fans is a miserable 1.67% conversion from the 60,000 total views the entire series has had over the last 12 months on YouTube (lets not get into the poor seeding effort today!) pretending that’s the only thing driving them to Facebook?

But the Facebook fail plays out on a number of levels, firstly, there is no reason to setup a new Facebook page, by doing this they’ve just diluted the power of the campaign by siphoning off any new fans it generates into a lone, empty Facebook page that will probably die once this campaign ends, why not continue to build your brand page?

Secondly, when you are re-directed ,you are taken to a landing page and prompted to watch the latest video, which, in my experience, was the one I just watched in order to get here anyway! There was no competition, no exclusive content, no special event, no drive to “like” True Originals, the brilliant visual and emotive experience I’d just encountered is completely gone. Not only that, but when I click to play the video, it takes me away from Facebook and over to YouTube… go figure?

Thirdly, Bacardi has completely missed the viral platform that Facebook provides. There is nothing to facilitate direct sharing of the campaign, probably because there isn’t actually a campaign to share, but still, you could have come up with anything, an app that lets you choose your favorite drink, sent to your friends asking from for a recommend twist on the original? Perhaps an app that helps you find your best local bar tenders that specalise in your favorite drink or one that provides a drink suggestion based on the friends you are connected to… those are pretty ordinary ideas, but anything would have been better than nothing!

Anyway, for Bacardi’s sake, hopefully I’ve completely missed something after a long day in the office and there is in fact something bigger and better brewing around the idea of the worlds best bar tender, otherwise that massive production budget for the four amazing webisodes is going to return a seriously bad ROI for 60,000 views and a very ordinary 1000 Facebook fans! End Rant…

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