B-Reel Mind Tricks: Brain Powered Slot Cars

Sun, Jul 24, 2011
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I love the Arduino board and we’ve been working on some very cool projects with it. So now that I’ve confessed my love, check out an experiment the guys at B-Reel have just completed using the Arduino board, Scalextric slot cars, Mindwave headset and some neat code to wrap it all together!

B-Reel Performs Mind Tricks, basically. And these mind tricks just happen to let your brain power a slot car set, or if you took it further, you could control almost anything. So B-Reel creative director Riccardo Giraldi setup a Scalextric slot car track and then replaced one of the hand controllers with a cable to the Arduino board, which in turn connects to the computer, which has a Neurosky Mindwave headset connected. (read more about the setup here).

A neat script lets the Arduino board tap into the readings from the Mindwave headset, allowing the user to control the car with their mind! I seriously love it. More and more the physical, tangible digital world will become the battleground for great campaigns, and you will have already started to see this trend in its infancy over the last 12 months… I’m ordering a Mindwave headset now!

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