Axe Anarchy: First Comic Created in Real Time

Thu, Jan 5, 2012
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Here’s a great campaign from Axe/Lynx. Their latest ad campaign in the US, Axe Anarchy, features a video about two experimental fragrances that are unleashed on the world and the chaos that ensues. To support this Axe are launching the first comic to be created in real time, by you! This graphic novel will have content crowdsourced from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Axe fans will get to have their say in all the action. They can pick the Anarchy girls, the location, and suggest plot points and developments for the comic, issue by issue. It’s a great way for Axe to engage their fans and make them feel that they are part of creating something real. Each suggestion or decision you make can be shared through social networks. Check it out here.

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