AXA: Interactive TV iAd Experience

Mon, Mar 7, 2011
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Here is another pretty cool campaign from AXA in Belgium on the back of some great recent work. It’s what they are calling an iMmercial, which makes no sense, but sounds fantastic, creating an interactive experience from a live TV ad using QR codes and your iPhone.

When you scan the QR code during the TV commercial, it loads the extended story on your iPhone, allowing you to somewhat step into the ad. It finishes with a quirky ending and a one touch link to download the special AXA iPhone App. What I really like about this, and the interactive iAds posted previously, is AXA’s creative strategy to generate app acquisition…

I love seeing the big guys getting right behind emerging media and integrating it to the core of their marketing strategies. Just another gimmick? Or is this a really great way to drive serious engagement and ultimately, acquisition?

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