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Robb is a creative director with over 13 years of design, digital and advertising experience. His experience and expertise is in integrated digital marketing, social media, interaction design, branding and digital product development. He has led the implementation of large-scale interactive properties, and integrated, digital experiences for companies like Kashi, Sam’s Club, Microsoft, HSBC, Lenovo, Xbox, Nintendo, Colgate, Bear Naked Granola and the House of Marley. He also led the strategy, product development, brand and visual design of the social e-reading platform, Copia, which was awarded the Best of Digital WPPed Cream Award in 2011. At VML London Robb leads the creative department and oversees the creative strategy and execution for all clients. Robb has been at VML since September 2007, and has been recognised for his achievements in the industry by the Webby Awards, Print Regional Annual, IAC, OMMA, Communication Arts, How Interactive, OMNI Awards, and the AIGA Design Awards.

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ANA Airlines: Take Off Mode App Eases Anxiety

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Add this to the growing list of insightful uses of digital by the airline industry, ANA Airlines and their digital partner firstborn NY announced this week a new consumer engagement app called Take Off Mode. Taking advantage of newly unrestricted use of digital devices during takeoff and landing, the app offers a game experience intended to [...]

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Air France Launches Clever “UpgradeChallenge”

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Air France just launched a clever little mobile based game that allows people waiting at the gate to compete for upgrades to first class. I think this is pretty great for many reasons. It targets customer engagement at a key point of attention opportunity, when people are waiting for their flight and likely nose down [...]

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Land Rover: Creates Interactive Novel Campaign with William Boyd

Friday, January 16, 2015


Storytelling, storytelling storytelling. If there’s any conventional wisdom within the industry currently, it’s that telling great stories is increasingly at the heart of meaningful consumer engagements. Well, Land Rover, Y&R NYC and Tool of North America are taking that notion, in my opinion, to the next level. They’ve partnered with author William Boyd to bring [...]

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GAP: Play Your Stripes With Augmented Reality

Monday, November 17, 2014


As part of Weiden + Kennedy’s Dress Normal campaign, the Gap introduces an augmented reality experience called Play Your Stripes. I have to say, to my surprise it worked pretty seamlessly. At first. Then like all technically innovative ideas it loses shine real fast as the user discovers that they aren’t really playing anything of [...]

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Honda and Youtube do interactive video right

Monday, November 3, 2014


While ‘interactive video’ is an idea that we’ve seen before, this recent campaign from Honda is exceptionally executed. What’s makes it so impressive is its shocking simplicity and how ultimately the interactivity is so vital in making the experience special. These two stories wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without the interactivity, which isn’t superfluous like [...]

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Old Navy Gets In On The #Selfie Machine

Monday, October 27, 2014


Undoubtedly, selfies were the creative trend for digital engagement ideas last year. We seemed to hit peak selfie (technically speaking) with the MegaFon MegaFaces installation at the Sochi games. An amazing piece of work: Last week a similar idea appeared in a new Old Navy campaign. This begs the question, when is a derivative idea [...]

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Waterstones & Airbnb Seize The #waterstonestexan Moment

Thursday, October 23, 2014


So you’ve probably heard about the American (a Texan at that) that got locked inside a Waterstone’s bookstore after hours. His initial tweet sparked a hilarious trending conversation, one that was a perfect showcase of the narrative and creative power of the Twitter platform. Get the full lowdown at many different sites, like here: [...]

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Mini & Dezeen: The Future of Mobility, imagining a whole new driving experience

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Dezeen and MINI Frontiers have teamed up with six cutting-edge young designers to present radical visions for the future of mobility at a major exhibition during the recent London Design Festival. All six projects ask compelling questions about our evolving and soon to be revolutionised relationships with the automobile. My personal favourite was the stained-glass car [...]

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