Audi Japan: World’s Biggest QR Code Ad

Mon, Jan 3, 2011
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While I’m not sure if this is officially the worlds biggest QR code, I’m pretty sure this ad went down a treat in Japan, who are the world’s heaviest users of QR codes, and I experienced that first hand last year when I want snowboarding in Nagano, just about every product you buy has a QR code, even soft drink cans, with QR codes so small my iPhone wouldn’t pick them up!

About 50 people came together, each taking a piece of the QR code to a designated spot before a token Audi drove the last piece in to complete the QR code. If you were to have snapped the QR code on your TV, you’d have downloaded a 15 second animation celebrating 100 Years Of Audi… Yes, that means this clip is over a year old, sorry! Should I un-post?! (via Bas on Blogilvy)

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