Audi City: Digital Car Showroom of The Future

Mon, Jul 23, 2012
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The new Audi City ‘Digital Showroom’ has been around for a few days now, but weirdly hasn’t had the traction I expected it to get with just over 10,000 views on YouTube so far. But when you do look at this, it’s brilliant, a new form of retail experience for a car brand, one that can fit in any typical high-street store or shopping centre mall, so brands can increase the volume of people who experience the brand and the car, in virtual form with a few tactile exhibits like the paint and leather.

The Audi City Store consists of multiple interactive digital walls, controlled by pressure sensor floor plates and large tablet-style devices allowing customers to create a car from the group up and see the car in true scale on the huge digital walls in front of them. Check it out for yourself above…

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